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Musket and Tomahawks Day - 'The Return'

The 6th July saw a second Musket and Tomahawks day take place at the gaming centre with a few more erstwhile chaps attending, including the Galloping Major himself, Lance.
The format was the same as previous with three linked scenarios on the morning followed by one large game on the afternoon.
Both Lance and I forgot to take our cameras and therefore I resorted to using my ipod hence not many.
Guy and his son Alasdair did save the day and I have some of their photos to upload later. Alasdair also made some seriously tasty shortbread biscuits - thankyou.
The theme carried on from where we left off last time and the Background and scenarios are all below;-

'1756 Fort William Henry is complete and garrisoned by men of the 44th foot under the command of Lieutenant Col William Eyre.
Following the British advance along Lake George and despite French interference the British had still managed to establish a small outpost at Forest Bay. However this was not without loss, the battery has not been established and Captain Cawkwell captured by the French forces
Following on from the previous encounters General Dieskau was disappointed that he had only delayed the building of the outpost and artillery emplacement at Forest Bay however he was also pleased that because of the actions of Colonel Depardieu the British had sent additional troops from Oswego to bolster their advance along Lake George.
General Dieskau had therefor decided to encourage the Colonel to continue his attacks in the hope more British would be withdrawn from Oswego, at the same time he would advance with the main force and launch the assault hopefully wrong footing the British and seizing their stronghold.'

Scenario 1 – Out Post.
The outpost at Forest Bay has been left seriously under strength after most of the garrison has been sent on a wild goose chase by their inexperienced commanding officer. Now is the perfect time to launch an assault and wipe out the remains of the garrison and capture the Outpost.
Table set up
The Outpost is placed in the centre of the table with no other terrain piece within 10" (this represents the "kill zone" created when the outpost was first built by an experienced officer).  The rest of the terrain is mainly woodland with the odd cabin in the vicinity.
Defenders forces
Standard force plus 8 Regulars and 1 Regular Officer.
Defenders deployment
Defender Deploys first, inside the Outpost is an 8 man garrison of Regulars led by a Regular Officer with the Authoritarian Trait (can only be used by the garrison force) and no other traits can be assigned to him.
This unit and officer are in addition to the defenders standard force.
The garrison are under strict orders not to leave the outpost so may not move or assault out of it (unless routed).
Any reaction roll of a Flight by the small garrison is downgraded to Shaken (must spend its next activation recovering and can do nothing). Routed units in the outpost jump over the walls and are destroyed.
The rest of the defenders force are held in reserve and become available after a successful D6 roll as per the Reserves rule in the Defence mission.
The defenders reserves arrive from a random table edge once the first unit becomes available and all subsequent reserves also arrive at this table edge. Table edges are labelled 1 -4. Roll a D6 for each and the reserves arrive at the corresponding edge. On a roll of a 5 or 6 the defender can choose the table edge for all his reserves.
Attacker’s deployment
The table is split into 4 quarters and each quarter is numbered 1-4. Each attacking unit rolls a D6 prior to deployment and on a roll of 1-4 is placed in the corresponding quarter  no closer than 18" to the Outpost and maybe deployed using Hidden set up.  On a roll of a 5 or 6 the attacker may chose which quarter to deploy them in.  Each unit must be placed on the table before rolling for the next unit.
Outpost rules
The gates of the Outpost are barred and therefore attacking units can only get into it by climbing over its walls.  Crossing the wall takes an entire action and the model must start its turn in base contact with the wall and ends its turn in base contact on the other side.
The gates can be opened by the inside only but a single model must spend its entire activation adjacent to the gate and obviously already inside the outpost.
Outposts are classed as Heavy cover (for shooting purposes only, not for spotting distance (Light cover). "There's no good hiding we know you in there!!")  and therefore units inside are at -2 "to hit" and -1 "to kill" rolls.
Units in the outpost being shot from enemy units in the outpost are classed as in the open unless in a building.
Fighting over the walls - a defender on the ramparts in the Outpost may only be attacked by a maximum of 2 models on the other side of the wall.
In combat each of the Regulars inside the Outpost are classed as a unit on their own for reaction tests.
The defender has the option to bolt the door of the blockhouse. This takes 1 action and can only be done from the inside by a model adjacent to the door.  If the door is bolted it takes the attacker 4 actions to break the door in.
2 models may shoot/fight through inner door and only 1 model may attack/defend through the loft hatch (this may not be bolted).
Victory conditions
The defender wins if at the end of the game the outpost is still in their possession.
The attacker wins as soon as there are just friendly units in the outpost.
If at the end of the game the outpost is empty then it's a draw.
Side plots are in operation.
 The small garrison of British troops awaiting the onslaught.
 The first reinforcements arrive 'Rangers running the gauntlet' one made it and managed to gain entry to the post. Although the French gained entry to the outpost the failed to remove sufficient British to seize control, attrition forced the French to withdraw and the British to remain in control.
Scenario 2 Rescue.
Following on from the first assault at Forrest Bay Captain Cawkwell was unfortunately captured by the French Huron allies.
Two French Officers and a small group of Canadian Militia have arrived at the Huron camp to ensure no harm comes to the British Officer and to escort him to Colonel Depardieau on the morrow.
A fast moving force of Rangers and Mohawk allies have been sent in pursuit and they have arrived on the outskirts of the Huron camp shortly before sunrise, their mission is to locate and rescue the Captain and to cause as much damage as possible.
The camp consists of five wooden buildings deployed near centre of the table each building being within 6” of another building. The French player must secretly identify which building the Captain is held in. This cannot be the same building as the French Officers and Militia. Each other unit must then be located in one of the Indian buildings. Guards are placed within 12” of a building.
For the first two bounds night rules are in play. The attackers will arrive from a randomly determined board edge.
There is a small river which runs across the table this is crossable only at the ford but counts as difficult terrain.
The French win by escorting the Captain off the Northern board edge, the British win by rescuing the Captain and escorting him off any board edge.
This scenario is Raid and the British forces must seek to rescue the Captain and destroy the buildings within the camp. All the attacking force is considered to be equipped with burning torches.
The game ends when the British have been driven off or either player has escorted Captain Cawkwell off the board.
Sub plots for one officer per side are in play.

Leigh made this superb Huron Village for the game and it saw some ferocious action.
 Mowhawks creep up in the first couple of bounds whilst the Rangers assault from the river.

 Quietly the Mowhawks creep into the village
 The alarm having being raised the French officers emerge from one of the longhouses with their Canadian militia
 The mowhawks have managed to fire half the village, -the Rangers, bottom left, have secured the Captain and will make a successful escape from the board

Scenario 3 – Ambush
The French have received information regarding the movement of a British column en route from Oswego to Forrest Bay to reinforce the garrison and have decided to ambush it at a perfect location.
Table set up
A single road runs along the centre of the table from short edge to the opposite short edge.  Tall grass runs along the length of the road on either side. This provides light cover and is difficult terrain.
The attacker then sets up the rest of the terrain (No buildings are to be used in this mission). This represents the perfect location for an ambush.
Defenders Forces
In addition to the British standard force they also receive an additional unit made up of 2 unarmed women (the Generals Daughters) and 3 Indians. The Indians are armed with Muskets and throwing weapons and uses the stats for Indians. The women also use the Indian stats but carry no shooting weapons.
The women are classed as leaders of the unit and should be the last models removed.
The whole unit are Type Indians with a Morale of Regulars (they are a well-disciplined unit).
Defenders deployment
The Generals Daughters unit is deployed first in the centre of the table on the road. All remaining units must be deployed on the road and within 12"of this unit.
All defenders units are to be deployed in column formation (2 abreast) and all must face the towards the same short board edge.
 Any unit forced to Recoil or Flight when the ambush is sprung will do so towards the nearest short board edge. But not closer to enemy units. After that they will follow the normal rules for fleeing.
Attacker’s deployment
The attacker’s forces maybe placed anywhere on the board but not within 12" of an enemy unit.  Hidden set up maybe used.
The attacking player may choose 4 cards from his force allocation and hold them in his hand at the start of the game. This represents the ambush.   The Defender then chooses any 2 cards to hold in his hand at the start of the game. This represents the defenders initial reaction after the ambush has been sprung. 
However, the defender has a chance to spot the ambush before the attacker has chance to spring it.
After both sides have deployed, Side Plots rolled for and the attacker and defender have chosen their cards, the defender rolls a D6 on a roll of a 6 the ambush has been spotted and the first card is drawn from the deck.  The cards that had been drawn after deployment are then discarded until the cards are reshuffled.  If the ambush is successful either player may use the cards in any order they wish before the top card of the deck is turned. The Generals daughters unit may not be targeted for shooting in the opening ambush (the 4 cards).Sub plots are in play.
The British win by escorting the Generals daughters from the board or by driving the ambushers off the table.
The French win by capturing the Generals daughters and escorting them from the table.

 Sorry didn't get many shots of this one, but the game ended with the capture of the Generals daughters just as they were about to exit the board!!!!

 Scenario 4 Oswego.
General Dieskau with a strong contingent of Regular infantry and Militia has launched his surprise attack at Oswego, his intention to destroy the Oswego Blockhouse in the centre of the camp and inflict heavy casualties on the British force.
Table set up
A Blockhouse is placed in the centre of the table with a snake fence surrounding it.  The British camp is no closer than 8” to the blockhouse...
British Forces
In addition to the standard force he also has an additional 10% to spend on Civilians (these represent craftsmen and settlers). These must be deployed inside the camp.
Defenders deployment
The defender then deploys using the DEFENCE mission rules (at least 1/3 of your units are in Reserve and arrive as per the mission rule) with the following changes:
1 unit from his standard force which is deployed on table must be deployed in the blockhouse (represents a small garrison). Only this unit may occupy the Blockhouse.  And the unit ignores Recoil results and Flight results are downgraded to Shaken*. Units routed are destroyed as normal.
The rest of the forces deployed on table maybe deployed within 4" of the Blockhouse.
The Blockhouse is a Size 2 building.
French deployment
The attacker then deploys using the RAID mission rules and all units are equipped with burning torches.
General Dieskau is expecting reinforcements from his Huron allies
Victory conditions
The defender wins if the Blockhouse is still standing at the end of the game and at least 1/2 of the Civilians are still alive.
The attacker wins if the Blockhouse has been destroyed and the Local Civilians wiped out.
Side plots are in operation.
* - SHAKEN - The unit must spend its next activation recovering and may do nothing.
Scenario 1 –
If the British win this scenario then there is no longer a requirement for the reinforcements from Oswego and the troops are sent back add an additional 8 Regulars and 1 Regular Officer to the British reinforcement pool for Scenario 4.
Scenario 2-
If the French win this scenario then d3 x 6 Indians join General Dieskau in the final game and will arrive as reinforcements. They will have their own Leader and will enter from a random point on the board.
If the English win the scenario then Captain Cawkwell and 8 Rangers and 6 Mohawks will arrive as reinforcements in scenario 4.
Scenario 3-
If the French win this scenario then they may deploy a 6pounder with d6 rounds of ammunition at the start of the game. In addition provided if it appears that the French may not be able to win the game General Dieskau, if he is alive, may call for terms, he will offer to exchange the Generals daughters for the Blockhouse. The success of this or otherwise will be determined randomly taking into account casualties suffered etc.
If the Daughters are captured then one British officer will have the side plot ‘Payback’ on General Dieskau.
If the British win this scenario then throw a d6 each bound, if this is equal to or less than the bound number then British reinforcements enter from the Southern board edge. Two units of Provincials and two units of Mohawk warriors.

British Reinforcements arrive - as the British had won two of the three scenarios they would end the game with significantly more troops than the French however they were much needed as the French dice rolls in the early part of the game were outstanding.
 The blockhouse, British Regulars inside and two units of Provincials outside, the unit at the bottom of the picture died to a man in one go due to some superb musketry from the French Regulars.

 Much later in the game Captain Cawkwell arrives having being rescued earlier with his Mowhawk allies and Rangers.

 More pictures of the day will follow and in all in all a thoroughly enjoyable day, the French were despite a good fight repulsed  with heavy casualties and General Diesku survived unlike in real life!.

I think its fair to say everyone is looking forward to the next one.

It would be remiss of me if I didn't thank Gavin for writing the three scenarios, Ambush, outpost and Oswego.
My view is these games play far better with good scenarios and if possibly a linked theme.

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