Sunday 28 July 2013

Return from Hols and the Wargames Bucket List

Well having returned from a most enjoyable holiday in Crete pleased to find all my Mags waiting for me on my return.
I'm picking up a growing theme amongst us slighter older gamers, whilst our enthusiasm remains undiminished perhaps reality of our mortality is setting in and whilst we all have too much stuff perhaps we haven't really done much about it. Henry Hyde has a piece in his new mag.

I had started the process before my break and got rid of an awful lot of stuff, more worrying is it didn't seem to create much space!!!
Anyway whilst away i got to thinking and came up with two strands of thought, the first was what periods did I really enjoy playing regardless and that over the years have given me the most enjoyment.
1. Ancients (Rome, Greece, and their enemies)
2. 18th Century (AWI and SYW)
3. Napoleonic
5. Warhammer fantasy (v.old armies in possession)
6. Sci Fi skirmish
and that was about it. All the rest have been fads picked up along the way which effectively stop me playing my favourite periods.

The decision is all the rest will go, some quicker than others and some may be retained because there's not a lot of them e.g. VBCW and AK47

I actually feel better for going through the process, some of the periods eg Napoleonic will be multi scale because of what I want to do eg 6mm Peninsular but 28mm DBN for the rest.

The second part was my 'Bucket List' of games I would like to play before I depart.
1. Waterloo
3.1066 Hastings campaign
4.Alexander The Greats Battles
5.Battles of the 2nd Punic War
6 Arnhem Campaign
7. Blenheim ( already played this with the League of Augsberg chaps some years ago and what a great time I had)

In terms of Gettysburg I dont want to start collecting an painting new armies so I may resort to using paper armies!
I haven't thought about 1066 but 6mm may be a solution?
The rest as the say will hopefully be history one day.


Big Andy said...

Since I don't intend to snuff it just yet I find this just a tad morbid !! but of your bucket list I find I've already done most of 'em except 2 4 and 7 and of those 3 I have no interest in 4.
The advancing age of some of our practicioners is all in the mind man - their minds not mine !!

Graham C said...
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Graham C said...

Andy, sorry if you found it a tad morbid wasn't meant as such just looking at the need to refocus. I've sold over 8000 figures, have at least that many left to paint and have around 9000 already painted.
One of my colleagues is very ill with a terminal disease and he is younger than me but I certainly don't intend to depart just yet.
The games are those I've always wanted to do and will provide that catalyst to focus

Big Andy said...

Graham As always I was being fecetious but sorry to hear about your collegue- stuff like that is always sobering. Focus- the bane of my life. I actually decided not to bother as it never works anyway. Having said that my WAS/7YW are going the journey - mostly because I'm bored with them. And I've a selection of assorted ex-disply case units that also need moving on when I get around to deciding.
As for new periods well I don't know I just make and paint the models I gfancy then fit 'em into games afterwards.

Graham C said...

Andy I know exactly what your like and whilst I'm full of positive 'lets be realistic' and focus on what we want I know for a fact some book, film or nice new shiny's will drag me back into the impulse mode! and you know what? I'll enjoy it whilst it lasts

marinergrim said...

If you want to play Blenheim again I'd be happy to host this at the Grimsby club. We have well over 4,000 28mm figures and 30ft long table equivalent.

Graham C said...

Now that may be an offer worth pursuing, thank you