Tuesday 7 February 2012

Busy Start to February

The first couple of weeks in February is always a bit hectic, wifes birthday, sons birthday, valentines day ( yes still a bit of a romantic), anniversary of my Dad dying and finally the first show of the year at York!

Despite all that I've managed to get the Royal Albion Lights finished (all except amounted Colonel).

In all I dont think they've come out to bad, the standard is based on one from Denmark, I'm still going to tweak it but for now I just wanted them to have their standard.. I can now start on painting the second Regiment from Comyn as I gradually move towards getting enough figures for the first engagement.

As to the York show, luckily a colleague was going in his 4x4 as I doubt my motor would have made the poor road conditions. A nice show made better by the chats and conversations with people and traders I haven't seen for a while, in fact between 9.30am and 2.00pm when I left I only got round once!

I'm afraid I forgot my camera but one game I did enjoy was the Ilkley lads rendition of the battle of Sawmill Village using the Prince August homecast figures, very nice.

My shopping list was small, some oxen, a few phalangites and some saxon infantry. I almost got away without an impulse buy but I saw the below 15mm Peter Pig AK47 figures, almost 200 figures for £50.00 and that was it! Still came home with some money though, all in all a good start to the year.
Now back to the painting table.


tidders2 said...

Royal Albion Lights look really good

-- Allan

Graham C said...

hopefully a coupl of months and I'll get them into action