Monday, 20 February 2012

Been a Thinking!

Over on the Independent Wargames blog he's been musing about Steve Eardley's column in Miniature Wargames regarding Elitism, Class and respect in wargames and it got me thinking about my gaming standards!
I'm fortunate that I'm a member of two gaming clubs and also have a number of friends with whom I've gamed with for many years. I enjoy the painting, the research and the preparation for the game to the point on occassions where the game quite often is secondary, I never use unpainted figures in the army and I dont enjoy playing people whos only interest is to win at all costs, does that make me elitist?
 I hope not, one of the wonderful things about the hobby is the diverse characters it brings and to be fair in terms of bringing 'young ones' to the table Ive played against their unpainted hordes. If i chose not to play against some individuals it is because their type of game and motivation to play is totally different from mine.
As to class in wargames, I suppose somewhere out there are a number of individuals who look upon their collections with glee and only game with the chosen few. I may have met one or two of these in my time but you certainly cant relate to 'class' unless its some form of internal Elitism within the hobby.

Any way I'm happy with my lot and thats enough of deep thinking. What have I been doing, well Ive started on the Mounted Officer (Rupert Gibb) for the Royal Albions.
Next to him is a model of Antigonus 'one eye' by Gripping Beast I'm painting for my Successors.
As its Zulu month I've also been painting a few of the Warlord Plastics

They come out quite nice, some plastic SYW would be good!
I've also started on my next Duchy of Comyn regiment and hope to have the first company finished by the weekend.

I've also been giving some thought to the naval side for this campaign, I do have some of the Langton  1/1200th scale ships painted but not many and they do take a long time to make a decent job. So for the sake of the game I'm looking at coming down to 1/2400th and will try painting a few ships over the coming weeks.
I've put a better pic of Antigonus below just because I like the figure

I've found another load of bits to go on ebay next week, GW Inquisitor and other lost! and now found projects in order to fund the periods I like.

Hopefully arranging another Marlburian game next week in the cabin, and until then pip pip.

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