Monday, 27 February 2012

Something to make me feel better

Got laid low by some damn chest infection last Tuesday which is refusing to budge and has prevented me going to the club and has slowed down the painting! However with one last effort I hope to finish my first company of the new French?Comyn regiment before month end!.
I have also been looking intently at the soon to be released range of figures by Claymore Castings, (notably David Imrie and Andrew Taylor), the figures have been sculpted by Paul Hicks and the first releases are for the Scots at the Battle of Otterburn in 1388.
I have tried hard to resist but I've know David for a while and following a telephone conversation I gave in  and placed a pre-order. However David very kindly sent me a couple of samples which arrived today.

The pictures I took of the unpainted castings are rubbish but the below is pinched off David's 'Saxon Dog' (

I should have realised I wouldnt last to the year end without deviating.
Anyway my samples are ready for priming and hopefully will start the paint job tomorrow.!

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