Sunday, 22 January 2012

What a great week!

Well if this is retirement roll on, whilst I appreciate I may be in a bit of a honeymoon period it has been a very enjoyable week.
Tuesday and Thursday night saw me start a Punic Wars campaign with two of my colleagues at our two local wargames club, Im using an old SPI game to run the campaign and generate the battles, interestingly already it hasnt gone as I expected. The Carthaginian player - aggressive on the table top has been somewhat reserved and in his first two battles has been bettered by his Roman counterpart. The result is at the end of the first year Hannibal is still in Gaul!.

Friday afternoon saw another of my colleagues bring his much underplayed Marlburian collection, we had a great game in the cabin following a Charles Grant Scenario of Seizing a bridge. We used th Beneath the Lilley Banner rules, good fun apart from the fact I regularly failed to move any of my men due to bad command rolls! As the French player I lost. However I did learn a salutory lesson always read the scenario guide thoroughly, the river I classed as unfordable except at the bridge, not so its fordable at both extremes!! Would it have made a difference? I doubt it. Any way pics show various stages of the game. Below is the French main force advancing on the bridge and the Inn!
Allied army deploys and advances to the river
Below is a shot of the allied right flank and centre at the topis the battered French Infantry retiring.
Below is the French flanking force to Regiments of Irish and one of Swiss, together with some Dragoons. They made good progress until I failed to activate them which gave the allies time to reorganise and unleash his heavy cavalry, nuff said!

In addition to all this a quick tally shows I've almost painted 100 28mm figures this month and my Royal Albion foot continue to make progress, below a couple of better pics of some of the lads outside the entrance to the Coaching Inn, The Black Horse and the Cherry Tree! not very original I know but I love the song.

The second company is almost done and I can hopefully complete the third including doing all the bases before month end.

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  1. Very nice looking game, and the light infantry are looking great, too!