Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Plans for 2012

I trust everyone had an enjoyable New Year and I have seen a significant number of colleagues outline their plans and projects for the coming year.

Like many I don't see 2012 being any easier than last but to me that gives the opportunity to focus on what I have and make some progress, whilst I dont intend to start anything new I know its foolish to say I wont, Sails of Glory and Mongoose Publications promise of resin WW1 ships already get the gaming juices flowing, what I have promised is that it will be a cost neutral year I can only spend what I earn from the hobby so that's the incentive.

My next Regiment of my Imagination is almost complete the 25th Albion Foot just awaits its 3 drummers, I am quite pleased with the progress 16 hat men and the command, standards etc all done over the festive period.

Next up will be the Royal Albion Light infantry under its Commander Rupert Gibb, the figures are assembled waiting their undercoat.

I do feel that now there is the potential for more spare time some sort of structure could now be applied to my painting programme, I always need three or four different units on the table at any one time therefore over the year I have determined that my Imagination and Magnesia project will always be present and being painted.

In addition I've roughed out a time table as follows;
January is clear to be spent clearing whats on the table.
February - Zulu Colonial
March - finish off my 28mm EIR Romans
April - 6mm month (could be finishing off FPW or doing some Napoleonics)
May - 15mm WWII desert
June - Update 28mm AWI. I have figures that need rebasing, touching up and quite a few still need painting.
July - free month!
August - finish basing my 10mm Market Garden armies in the hope of starting a mini campaign in September
September -15mm Ancients.

I haven't gone beyond that as I reckon the above may not go according to plan but its a start.
Gaming wise had my first last night at the local club - Big Battle DBA trying out the new version 3 which I have to say I quite enjoyed even though my poor Roomans received a good drubbing at the hands of the Carthaginians.

Any way until next time.
Pip Pip


  1. Happy New Year Graham
    Looks like you have a busy one planned!
    Of course, it will all go awry when at York in early February we end up sitting over a coffee and coaxing each other into all sorts of new ideas and projects!

  2. A *lot* of projects!
    Yet... hurrah for the tricornes, your Imagi-Nations are *your* brainchild, totally original and yours. Anybody and his brother can do the 'historical' armies you are developing, but only YOU can bring your imag-nary armies to 'life'.

    Best wishes,

  3. Thanks for the comments, get thee behind me Mr. Olley who tempts who?
    Comments about the imagination are absolutely right, my notes on future units continue to expand, wait until the Kings Lifeguard make an appearance!