Sunday, 15 January 2012

Royal Albion Light Infantry

Dont know where this week went, lots to do around the house and some consultation work but progress on the paint table is still taking place. I have undercoated all of the Royal Albion Lights but was determined to try and get at least one figure in what I decided would be their uniform colours.

In the background are the drummers I'm finishing for the line battalions, he is flanked by a first corps phalanx Ive almost finished.
I suppose in terms of colours its quite 18th Century Russian but hey its an Imagination and I think the whole battalion will look spot on. See if I can get them done this week.

Whilst sorting through saved images etc. I did find a couple of one of my favourite command bases, it was my Spartan King for the first battle of Mantinae display game. Still got the Greeks and brings back fond memories

Anyway back to the merlot and the paintbrush with another update next weekend!

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