Thursday, 26 November 2015

Workbench Thursday

Apologies that its been a while since I gave regular updates,  lots going on and I thought retirement was all about relaxation and doing what you want!!!

Saxe's cavalry are now all based and just need the bases finishing and the figures matt varnishing. Still painting more British Line!

to the right there's some 15mm ancients for Big Battle DBA - this time the army of Spartacus and in the back ground some Perry plastic ACW - couldn't resist their battle in a box so I'm seeing how quick I can paint them using base coats, wash and highlight!!

Battleground show at Stockton on Saturday which I'm looking forward to- last show of the year for me.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A small Naval diversion.

In between all the painting and sorting out I came across a box containing my Langton Napoleonic ships bought some years ago.
I did complete four of these with all the rigging etc but it was quicker to paint a unt of 28mm figures than do one ship.
I then came across Model J ships -
  Julian the proprietor is a master at his craft - he paints, rigs and bases the ships ( only Langton) so after much thought I sent him 3 British ships from my original Algeciras project.
They arrived today :)

I am over the moon with these. Check out his web site - he has started doing resin forts as well, now I know he's not cheap but you get value for money and one ship is still cheaper than a unit of 28mm.
Beautiful stuff - some Spanish will be going off for the treatment! shortly.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Johann Sebastian Rae

When the AMG forum members met up at Partizan to do the two large battles based on the prelude to Waterloo. John Ray had very kindly sculpted and had cast a small vignette which he gave to the participants as a nice commemoration of the event.

I have pondered for a while how best to present this.

For those that have seen my workbench then you know I generally like to have a lot of pieces on the bench.

Eventually it all came together in the small display, I've used the Landau from Westfalia Miniatures, the horse holder from Black Hussar, a couple of Foundry figures, a dog from warbases and of course the two figures sculpted by John.

So here we have Johann Sebastian Rae the Grand Maester of the Guilde arriving in the DUchy of Comyn to examine how they are spending his investment in the war against Albion.

As an aside I also invested in some of the excellent desk organiser pieces from Hobby Zone in Poland,
the result is I have tidied the desk and for me, at least, I'm organised. They are excellent pieces and from order to delivery took about 9 days. First class in every way.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Workbench Progress

Slight change of pace. I finished the  Forged in Battle - War and Empire Macedonians for BBDBA a couple of  weeks ago but just gor round to finishing the basing etc.
Nice figures and paint up reasonably quick - using ink washes to speed up the process - next up Spartacus!!!!

 On the 18th Century front nearly finished a Minden Marshall - painting as Saxe in his regimental colours also doing some samples of the Princes Lifeguard as both the Lifeguard and the Garde Ecosse,to the right is Cumberland - thought it was about time I got him finished.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sad News

I have learnt today of the passing of the extremely talented illustrator Bob Marrion.
My deepest sympathies and thoughts lie with his family.

I think the majority of us will have admired his work in magazines and books that sit on our shelves, he will be missed.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Casting machine, vulcaniser etc for sale.

Just a small off the wall post. I'm looking at selling my Tiranti casting machine, it has 6" plates and and all the accessories it came with.
To go with the machine is a vulcanising press with a 6" pan and a Seba 5kg melting pot.
The Tiranti and melting pot are both 3 years old, the press is about 10 but still works well.
Blank discs as well.
Since I now get all my figures cast by Griffin it's easier for me to stick conversions, parts etc in my moulds to them rather than make my own.
If you're interested or know anyone who may be then get in touch.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Chotusitz - The Wargame

Last weekend I was invited up to Charles Grant's to take part in a weekends gaming for a forthcoming book. My opponent for the day was to be John Dougan who would take command of the Austrians and I was to be Frederick!

We had been kept in the dark of the battle to be fought and upon arrival I was given briefing sheet etc. and the armies were deployed. Whilst I recalled the name of the battle I couldn't recall the details and neither could John so we both too to the field with no prior knowledge.

Because of the future publication I am not going to provide any details of the game or declare the outcome!!

The photographs below are all of the initial deployment and early moves so as not to give anything away. Suffice to say it was close fought and a cracking weekends gaming.

Charles and Liz , as usual, were excellent hosts and John a worthy opponent.
On to the pics.
                            The scene upon arrival the Austrians on the right - 14 battalions of Infantry, 5 1/2 Regiments of cavalry and 5 guns against 6 Battalions of Infantry, 5 1/2 Regiments of cavalry, 4 guns and some battalion guns ( to arrive in the centre Frederick and 8 battalions of Infantry)
 A closer shot of the Austrian army from their left flank
 The Prussian forces from their right flank
 Chotusitz village and the Prussian cavalry on the left flank negotiating the marsh and seeking to deploy as quickly as possible.
 The Prussian cavalry launch a major attack on the cavalry on the Austrian left seeking to gain an early upper hand and delay Austrian deployment
 Another shot of the Prussian right flank cavalry moving forward
 Battle is joined on the Prussian right - the Austrian cavalry hastily turn to meet the attack
 The battle is hotly contested outside the village.
Enough said the rest you will have to read and see when Charles' book is released :)