Monday, 22 May 2017

Parizan 2017

As life slowly starts to return to normal and having attended Falkirk last week as a trader I had booked to attend Partizan with a game.
In the early days of Partizan I had always attended as part of the Redcar Rebels and therefore demo games and Partizan have really become part of my must do's. With the passing of Lee and the disappearance of Gordon I have always striven to do something.

This year I thought it time to raise the Crann Tara banner, putting on a game to promote the figure range and have fun at the same time. So I attended with Bob and Leigh to play.

Photos of my game I will put on the Crann Tara blog and I will put images here of the games that caught my eye in a very brief run around.

I have to say Partizan was a great show again and for me is most probably the best and most enjoyable show I go to, good light, room to move and superb games.
I apologise in advance for not taking note of all the names of the presenters.

First up Steve Jones and his excellent rendition of Bunker Hill, all his own work including the rules ( must get a copy)

 Just a fun game French Indian Wars ( I think!) using peg armies :)

 A very, very nice Russo Japanese naval action.

 Barry Hilton and friends with a Great North War game using his excellent Warfare Miniatures, always a pleasure to talk to Barry

 Dave Docherty and his ever expanding Sudan game, looked superb

 The Perry twins were in attendance with a Napoleon in Egypt game, unfortunately when I took the photos onlt the British were deployed

 Finally this was a WWII participation game but I thought the winter effect was very good.
So a great day spoke to many, many people and looking forward to the Other Partizan.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Starting again

Many of you will know that despite some positive statements in my last post I lost my Mam on the 15th April and saw her cremated on the 27th. So the year hasn't really got off to a good start.

She will be missed greatly as she was my rock and always said it as she saw it, however she also told me yu have to get on and live your life so now the formalities are over and most the paperwork is done its a slow return to the work bench.
The week saw figures arrive from Mark Allen and Steve Allen so on the bench getting based and flagged is Wolfe's regiment and the two Swiss regiments de Sallis and de Courten all of which should be getting a run out in the game I;m presenting at Partizan on the 21st May.

In closing there's an excellent piece by Richard Clarke in the current Wargames Soldier and Strategy which I commend people to read. It's one of those thought provoking pieces about the hobby and how it is stronger than ever but that its very diversity is also its weakness.
He also has a pop at the big companies, the possible demise/usefullness of magazines and how very much like me wargaming is our life blood.

As a hobby its been with me since I was 13 and I could never see me giving it up, its a social hobby and one which regardless of where you are you can devote time to. It's also kept me sane through some really tough periods in my life - an escape.

Anyway from now - hopefully a lot more positive posts.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Some Light at the end of the tunnel

At last I found a little time to sit down at the work bench.
I'm pleased to say I have go my mam into a local care home (walking distance) where she will be for the next 6 weeks before a final assessment is made on her ability to look after herself. Hopefully they will agree with me she needs 24 hour care.

So down to it - got a few things moving ( Blood Bowl team shh dont tell anyone) and the finishing stages of the 10mm AWI which I intend to do a push on.

Some blood and Plunder figures - which is a very good game and I'm hoping to push on with the highlanders this week - still lots to do.

I have to admit the Pendraken Miniatures 10mm pieces are really nice but I'm trying to do some speed painting on these. Base colours, one highlight then brush on 'dip'

Monday, 20 March 2017


A frustrating couple of weeks which I won't bore you with but with my Mam in hospital time is extremely limited especially as I come to realise that individually the majority of staff in the NHS are wonderful and hardworking .As an organisation it is inept and it is so easy to see how people with little conscious can sue and claim so much from an organisation which is so focussed on paperwork and forms that it loses sight of what it is there to do.

Rant over - for now! As things go on no doubt I will find the need to chew the fat on here and I apologise in advance.

As a result things have slowed down but some progress is being made
The cuirassiers await some grass! ( I prefer red wine) and unfortunately Spartacus' boys still look for some paint.
Off screen is the blood bowl team I promised o paint to take on my son - maybe next week???

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Clear Out

Like quite a few gamers wargaming has been a part of my life since I was around 12 or 13.
It's been a constant in my life and I guess through times of stress, upset etc its been something I can retreat to, collect my thoughts and focus on something other than reality :)

It also means that I have acquired through good reason or not an awful lot of stuff!!
This year will see my son move to America and he is going through a huge declutter program in his life and that really kickstarted me to do the same.

So I'm having a huge clear out - not selling through dribs and dabs just selling to a dealer in one big go. No stress, no hassle and I'm still leaving myself an awful lot of figures and games to look at but in the periods I guess I started the hobby with and the ones I'd like to finish with !!!!

Just some of the stuff I'm looking at shifting. Hidden behind all that is some 2000 painted Lord of the Rings figures - came as surprise to my son and I that I'd painted so much but I guess the last game was 10 years ago. Whilst the collection brings lots of good memories - that's what they are and I have photos etc to bring those times back.

So its hopefully the one and only big clear out and its back to business as usual painting whats left. :)

Monday, 20 February 2017

Battle of Corbach and other things!

Well another month almost passes between posts. I do tell myself this is not good enough but what can you do when real life interrupts hobby time.

The plus side was after all the recent chew this weekend was a gaming weekend, Friday was my sons birthday and we went to Warhammer World for a full day gaming the Horus Heresy, I must say I quite enjoyed it and I know he did to maybe some pics next time I post!

An early start on Saturday saw me drive up to Charles Grant's for our first meet of the year and to play our first battle for his next book. My opponent as usual was John Dougan. This time Charles had not told us anything about the battle and upon seeing the filed of battle I was non the wiser.

The game whilst not involving large armies ( at least on the allies) involved map movement and hidden units due to terrain so a whole new set of challenges. I shall not go into detail as that will spoil any future read but suffice to say a close fought game over the two days with much banter, great hospitality and lots of discussion about future plans - so onto the pics.

I have tried to chose the photos that don't give the game away but as you can see there's lots of French and not as many Allies!!!
So returned much enthused and back to the paint table