Thursday, 5 May 2016

Saxons need a good home

Well there's only the Saxons left out of the first wave of clear outs.
More pics below

102 infantry on 17 bases (60mmx40mm) and 12 skirmishers. £350 excl postage which is at cost.
Next week 20mm ECW
15mm AK47 and whatever else I find!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A bit of a clear out

Whilst I trust I have a few years left in me yet ! I also realise I can't finish quite a few of the projects I have started neither can I game with everything I have.
Therefore I have started a bit of a rationalisation.
First up are some of my painted dark age forces, Saxons, Late Roman and Irish.
The pics are just hurried shots of the figures and more will be taken over the weekend.
Figure price is £3 for foot and £5 for horse.
If any one is interested then message me for lists - better pics etc.

A little bit of Hohenfreiburg.

Saturday saw me travel up to Charles Grant's to do battle with John Dougan.
Charles had told us we were to be fighting the first part of the battle of Hohenfreiburg - the Prussian attack on the Saxons.
Now as this and part two ( to be fought in July) is to appear in volume 3 of Charles' 'Refighting History' books I can say no more about the game except it was a great game. There were some outstanding elements to it and all in all 29 bounds were fought over a day and a half and a conclusion reached.
I shall post a few pics of the view
first from the Prussian end of the table

The Saxon Horse ready for action

The view from behind the Saxon army

 As usual Charles and Liz were excellent hosts, there was much discussion over a glass of wine or three of future plans. So roll on July for part deux.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Work Bench and More

Whilst no pics of the actual workbench I did eventually finish the Westfalia Forge sutlers cart vignette I've been working on for a while.

The figures are mainly Foundry, the dog is Westfalia Miniatures and bottles, barrels etc from the bits box. I sell the cart for those that are interested!!! and this vignette will be in use at my demo game at Partizan on the 22nd May.

 In addition I couldn't help but post pictures of Eleanor and Olivia my first grandchildren. They arrived on the 15th April . I did tell my daughter she could have waited until i returned from Salute :)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Salute 2016

I may be a little late to the party on this one. The downside of having a trade stand at this show is that unless you take and pay for a legion of helpers then it is difficult to see anything of the event.

With 5,800 early bird tickets sold and still more people paying on the day it was busy, very busy.
On the quick run around I did I managed to take a few pictures, I did miss some games that were worthy of pictures but that is the norm I'm afraid.

As to be expected there were quite a lot of Sci fi and fantasy type games and what I would also call parlour games ( i.e. those that you can play on a small table) and there has already been some debate about these type of games been worthy enough for such a show. To me the show reflects the hobby and as long as the games are well presented and have good quality terrain and figures then that's fine.

Sadly some of the display games did not live up to this and were poorly presented, displayed and promoted.

Having said that there were also some excellent games and it was great to see that despite the complaints of non.historical games taking over the hobby it was Ian Smith and his friends who won best of show with their 40mm Napoleonic game, strongly challenged I guess by Bill Gaskin's superb Seven Years War game on the next table.
So onto the pics. sorry they're in nor order and not labelled but it doesn't stop you looking :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sneaky take over of the workbench

My son has recently moved in with us pending his relocation to America.
With pre-orders for Salute and getting stock ready the painting has slowed a bit but last night I thought Id do some more work on the dragoons and the sutlers cart.

My main bench area has seen the arrival of some |Heretic forces!

They're all over the place and my guys are hemmed into the corner. Time for some re adjustment me thinks