Saturday, 23 May 2015

AMG Demonstration at Partizan 31st May 2015

Well a week on Sunday will see 20+ members of the A Military Gentleman Forum gather at Kelham hall to put on a couple of demo games. I have prepared a couple of handouts (below) and compiled a summary from them below for you to read. Come over and say hello and have chat. I will try and take lots of pics and then after that I can get back to the workbench :)

Prelude to Waterloo – 18th Century Style
A Military Gentleman of the 18th Century was written by John Ray and published in September 2013.
Only 500 numbered copies of this limited first run were printed.
This book of 304 pages has over 500 images, covering model soldiers, inspirational pen and inks drawings plus coloured military artwork specifically commissioned for this story.
Purchase of this exceptional book allows the owner to join the AMG Forum, where the hobby and all things 18th Century (and more!) are discussed and debated in what can only be described as a wonderful 'Private Members Club'
Members of the forum thought it would be a wonderful idea if we could meet and at the same time promote the 18th Century as a wargames period.
Hence the decision was made to present not 1 but two games
In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Waterloo the games before you today represent an 18th Century take on the battles of Quatre- Bras and Ligny. The games are based around those presented by Charles Grant in his publication 'The Wolfenbuttel War' and of course we shall be using his rules 'The War Game' suitably tweaked for the day.
Over 20 members of the forum are here bringing together  800+ years of wargames experience.
On the Ligny battlefield we have the Prussian Army commanded by Feldmarschall Johann von Rae, over 30 Battalions of Prussia's best, ably supported by 20+ squadrons of cavalry.
Opposing them is the French Army commanded by Marshall Phillipe D'Olley. His army is roughly the same size as the Prussians. However neither army starts at full strength, when and where they arrive may have a significant impact on the battle. The French must take Ligny and cut the road to Quatre Bras in order to win.
On the Quatre Bras field of Battle the Hanoverians and their Allies must blunt the attack of the French Army and prevent them from seizing the cross roads at Quatre Bras. Initially outnumbered the Allies must hang on until reinforcements arrive and then hopefully counter attack the French army.
There will be over 4000 figures deployed across the two tables, from many manufacturers, including Minden Miniatures and Crann Tara miniatures, there are also figures from the private collections of John Ray and Phil Olley.
Whilst it is not possible to name all the participants today it is a privilege to welcome some of the doyens of the wargaming world - Charles Grant,  John Ray, Phil Olley, Mark Allen.
Jim Purky has flown in specially from America and the man who made Horace St.Paul available to the Seven Years War fraternity - Historian and Wargamer Neil Cogswell.

Feel free to ask anything about the book, the Forum, the game.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

AMG 15 - Partizan demo - more Teddy Bear fur!!!!!

As the countdown begins in earnest for the Partizan show and the AMG forum members putting on two 18th Century games I have really pushed hard to get the fur finished!!!

So round two is here

A small extract of what will be the 12 x 6 board. The streams from Last Valley have been dropped into place - and they fit!!

This fur was a darker brown and slightly longer- so easier to paint and if I'd had more time I had wanted to trim it to various lengths - maybe after the event.

Some buildings and figures posed for effect together with my favourite windmill - made by Chris Gregg.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Salute Aftermath - Work bench

Well returned from Salute on Sunday, I have to say running a trade stand on the day ended up like being under siege.
All good of course as I was selling my figures but it did mean that apart from a quick scoot round before the doors opened I didn't get another chance.
Here's some pics I took together with a few from elsewhere ( can't remember where!)
 Couple of shots of the forthcoming Battle Star Galactica game _ like the look of this!!!

 4Ground displays - La Haye Sainte and their fantasy buildings

 Demo Game - Battle for Hoth


 Ron Ringrose and friends with their version of Bernard Cornwalls 'The Fort'

As to my progress just about all time is now taken preparing for Partizan and the demo, but I have found some time to do a bit of sculpting and conversion work.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

No Teddy Bears were harmed in this production

As I mentioned in my previous update the 31st May will see 23 members of the AMG forum get together at the Partizan show in Newark to play two 18th Century games.
I guess you're looking at over 800 years of wargaming experience coming together!!!!

I will provide more details of the games etc as the date draws closer. But in between preparing for Salute I suddenly decided that I would have a go at making some cloths for the games.

I've seen and read about the use of Teddy bear fur so armed with nothing more than a boat load of enthusiasm and the dogs hair trimmers I bought two large rolls and set to business.
Here's the progress shots of the first two cloths - the rolls come 5' wide so for both games I need two cloths - for the first table they will be both 6'x5'

The last picture shows the second cloth in production.
The brown squares are for the placement of buildings.
At the top of the other pictures the wide brown part is where I have cut the cloth to allow the Last valley streams to drop in although I guess it could double up as a wide road!!!

Overall I'm really pleased and I no longer have to worry about all the different makes and types of hills I have. So there will be some spare terrain going shortly, easier to make and store than terrain boards I'm hooked!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Delayed Post.

First apologies for not posting for a couple of weeks. I have been to Edinburgh with my wife this week for a break and jolly good it was to.
In addition its now full on in preparation for Salute - lots of blistering figures, making pieces for the display etc. so painting has hit a bit of a low.
In addition I'm also gearing up for the large 18th Century games I'm organising for Partizan in May - 20+ gamers, two games, lots of figures so I'm having a go at base cloths from the old teddy bear fur- one down 3 to go! I will post some pics this week think its come out quite good.
In the meantime here's a French unit I finished before the hols
 In addition found these cracking pics on facebook of a very impressive Vauban fortress I think in Holland!

The final pic for those that didn't see them on the Crann Tara blog is of the 62nd foot painted by Mark Allen :)
Workbench update on this coming Thursday and more info re the forthcoming Patizan game

Friday, 27 March 2015

Workbench 27/3

Well as reported last update my wonderful daughter got married on Saturday
A great day and my love and wishes to John and Helen on their future together.
Since then I've been playing catch up, pre.orders for Salute, Order writing for a campaign game etc.
The bench currently looks like -

I didn't get the French finished but hopefully this week.
The second picture also shows some 6mm (nearer 8) MDF Napoleonic Infantry - not finished but with 100 figures for £2 they're worth a try, available from Commission figurines, the etched detail is pretty good so I will see what they're like when finished and based en masse (mad or what!!!)

Finally some more shots of the Forged in Battle Ancient Indians - about to receive another good drubbing at the club last night - perseverance is whats called for ( and some decent dice throws!!!)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Workbench Full again - 12/03/2015

After last weeks worry that gaps had started to appear on the paint table its been a busy week, both form the domestic front - knocking walls down etc. and the gaming/painting side.
DBA3 - Big Battle is proving popular at the local club and having finished the Indian army which is constantly been beaten up by Macedonians I have started work on my Macedonians.
On the bench you will see some more of the Forged in Battle/West Wind ancients.

Also there are more 15mm Ansar for the Sands in the Sudan and I have managed to finish the first half of the French Tournaisis Regiment, the second half are undercoated and the flags are on the way from Maverick Models .

My daughter gets married a week on Saturday but I still hope to get the rest of the French finished. Then it will be heads down getting ready for Salute - so lots more 18th century painting:)