Thursday, 3 September 2015

Workbench Thursday 3/9/2015

I guess it's going to be autumn before I get back into weekly updates :(
However whilst you may not be able to see it there are gaps on the workbench although to be fair they've been filled this morning by the arrival of two painted British battalions from Mark Allen
the green faced unit will be Fleming's 36th and the buff Regiment the 27th (Inniskilling).
Whilst they sit on their bases letting the glue set I will get the standards ready for issue. This will bring me up to 9 battalions of the 16 needed for Culloden so we are now past half way :)

Sunday, 9 August 2015

From Bench to table

The first two units completed off the bench - just short of 100 figures.
Barrells Regiment which took the heaviest casualties at Culloden now based and ready for action, the Standards are by Flags of War and I stock them in the shop.

The Suren Grenadiers as I said before were purchased more from the nostalgic point of view however I have contemplated keeping some odd units back for use in the Albion campaigns - I saw the standard on the warflag site its a Medieval one 'The Guild' and hence a kernel of an idea -troops supplied by the Guild to ensure the money they have loaned to various states is being spent wisely and to good effect in the struggles, so the Grenadiers are the first of 'The Guild' to march.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Assault on the work bench!!!!

Over the last three weeks my son and i decided to sell all our GW fantasy figures so much of my spare time has been taken up taking photo's, listing etc. part of me was quite sad as there's lots of good memories tied up in them of the games we had.
However as my son pointed out with his plans to move to America that's all they would be, the armies would just sit on the shelf and all we would have are the memories!!!
So better to sell, spread the joy so to speak and we keep our memories - looks like he's got quite sound reasoning.
Any way this clear out also leads to the decision to have an assault on the workbench - tidy and organised aren't two words that feature on my bench. However I have decided this month to go full on, base figures that have been sat there for months and try and get as many of the figures painted and off the bench as possible.

Barrel's regiment - a recent addition is done and bases waiting the paint. The old 30mm Suren Grenadiers I bought some time ago, the paint job was good in parts but flash had been left on the legs and some parts of the figures not painted fully.

I didn't fancy stripping them right back as I'd bought them more from the wargaming history perspective than the gaming side and whilst deciding what to do they've sat at the back of the table for best part of a year!! Any way the decision was to base them and tidy the paintwork up as best as possible - yes I've left the flash on and to be fair whilst it goes against the grain unless you examine the figures closely you can't see it on the figures where its present.

So lets see what the next week brings as gaps start to appear on the bench!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Late update - Lots done

I really need to catch up with the posts but its been busy on the Crann Tara front and with my good lady wanting a few days away then time to access the PC has been limited.
A bit of a cornucopia of goodies really
First up to regiments of French painted by a colleague for me, just finished basing today. The flags for De Clare are painted by Mark Allen, the flags for Languedoc are purchased from Maverick flags.

 Not having time to do Napoleonics in 28mm ( other than a bit of skirmishing) and been quite taken with the Blucher rules thought I'd paint and base a unit for the rules in 20mm! - Dutch Belgians, 24 figures on a Blucher base, once I've finished them off will put up some more pics.
 Finally my 36 element Macedonian army for DBA3 is still progressing - light Cavalry and Thessalians . Figures from West Wend/Forged in battle.

So all in all not a bad couple of days work. My wife is back at work tomorrow so apart from cutting grass its a painting day :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

What's on the work bench - 2nd July

It's been a while since my last update and apologies for that.
There was the wind down from Partizan and then the wind up for something special for the AMG forum next year - more later.

The Crann Tara blog and facebook page has had quite a few updates on new releases etc but I don't intend to repeat here.
So what's on the bench?

I am now past the half way point of Barrel's regiment, once completed that will leave two regiments to be completed for the Culloden first line ( the firing line) - then we start on the second line ( at ready pose) another 6 regiments.
The third line ( marching pose) has 3 of the 5 regiments done :)

Also on the bench are some Newline 20mm Dutch Belgians to try out on a Blucher base.
You can also see the painted samples of the forthcoming Garde Francais, Spanish and Savoia infantry together with the horse for the Dragoon horse holder I have made.

Hopefully next week will be a little more productive. :)

Monday, 1 June 2015

AMG at Partizan

A fairly quick post script of the days events I think are called for.

Can I thank all those that took part and played both games in such a friendly and 'Gentlemanly' manner the spirit of the AMG forum was carried through the day and many onlookers were surprised to find out that this was the first time many of us had met, their impression was that we obviously gamed together on a regular basis.
Can I also thank all of the participants for their gift to me for organising the event it was an extremely touching gesture and thank you.
I do need to thank certain individuals for their help and in no particular order - Phil Olley for providing the majority of the buildings we used. Paul Robinson for being a true gent in bringing figures and helping out with the public etc and sacrificing his opportunity to game,John Dougan for demonstrating his knowledge of the rules and keeping the Ligny game moving along at a fair pace, Charles Grant for making all the 'bits and pieces' to play the game and making suitable amendments to ensure us 'small unit' players could use his rules, Jim Purky for making the trip and finally to John Ray for creating the environment  that made this day possible.

It's fair to say that we made an impression on the day and have certainly made our presence felt - will there be an AMG 16?

I've put a random selection below from the two games. I'm sure the recalling of moments of fame and disaster will start to appear in  some of the players blogs  and I certainly didn't get to watch a lot of the Ligny game so I will await with interest to hear the reports.

The Quatre Bras game although being the smaller game looked equally good and I would like to think played well, I'm sure Andy Mc Master and Iain Burt as the two CinC's will give us their reflections later but the sight of Iain's lancers arriving on the flank of a unit of Savage Swans on the last bound and riding them down will generate some banter I'm sure

Early morning during set - the Prussians are deployed (left) French are arriving.

Quatre Bras the French Cavalry have arrived - the small contingent of allies await the onslaught.

Ligny - The French forces deployed

Ligny - Prussian left flank
Ligny - Let battle commence

Ligny - Prussian Right flank

Ligny - The French centre moves on Ligny village.

 The battle for the village lasted all day and saw the Prussians having to feed units into the village to prevent the almost endless waves of French break the line.
Quatre Bras - The rest of the French arrive - gulp!
Quatre Bras - The French -aka Savage Swans prepare to attack Gemincourt
 The defenders held on all day repulsing every attack and causing serious problems for the French Cavalry who galloped past the farm
Ligny - the French attacks go in
Ligny - The French force the stream between Ligny and their right flank
Ligny - The French infantry press on
Quatre Bras - The French are tardy in their attacks and Allied reinforcements start to arrive.
Ligny - from behind the Prussian lines
Ligny - The French press the Prussian lines along the length of the battlefield.
Ligny - Prussian left centre under pressure
Ligny - another French attack on the village
Quatre Bras - The French attack stalls - Allied lancers appear through the smoke into the flank of the lead French Infantry.
Quatre Bras - more Allies arrive the game is up for the French! 
Ligny - The Prussian right flank is holding back the French
Ligny - The French high watermark as Prussian reinforcements arrive 
Ligny - the village still holds out 
Although French reinforcements were sighted on the Prussian right flank the game ended with the Prussian army unbroken and the Village and road to Quatre Bras still in their hands.

A great day and a pleasure to be part of.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Something for the Weekend!!!!!

Working through the check list of all the items to take for the game on Sunday!
Figures and a couple of books to add. Next question will it all fit in the car?

Hope to see some of you on Sunday.