Thursday, 16 April 2015

No Teddy Bears were harmed in this production

As I mentioned in my previous update the 31st May will see 23 members of the AMG forum get together at the Partizan show in Newark to play two 18th Century games.
I guess you're looking at over 800 years of wargaming experience coming together!!!!

I will provide more details of the games etc as the date draws closer. But in between preparing for Salute I suddenly decided that I would have a go at making some cloths for the games.

I've seen and read about the use of Teddy bear fur so armed with nothing more than a boat load of enthusiasm and the dogs hair trimmers I bought two large rolls and set to business.
Here's the progress shots of the first two cloths - the rolls come 5' wide so for both games I need two cloths - for the first table they will be both 6'x5'

The last picture shows the second cloth in production.
The brown squares are for the placement of buildings.
At the top of the other pictures the wide brown part is where I have cut the cloth to allow the Last valley streams to drop in although I guess it could double up as a wide road!!!

Overall I'm really pleased and I no longer have to worry about all the different makes and types of hills I have. So there will be some spare terrain going shortly, easier to make and store than terrain boards I'm hooked!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Delayed Post.

First apologies for not posting for a couple of weeks. I have been to Edinburgh with my wife this week for a break and jolly good it was to.
In addition its now full on in preparation for Salute - lots of blistering figures, making pieces for the display etc. so painting has hit a bit of a low.
In addition I'm also gearing up for the large 18th Century games I'm organising for Partizan in May - 20+ gamers, two games, lots of figures so I'm having a go at base cloths from the old teddy bear fur- one down 3 to go! I will post some pics this week think its come out quite good.
In the meantime here's a French unit I finished before the hols
 In addition found these cracking pics on facebook of a very impressive Vauban fortress I think in Holland!

The final pic for those that didn't see them on the Crann Tara blog is of the 62nd foot painted by Mark Allen :)
Workbench update on this coming Thursday and more info re the forthcoming Patizan game

Friday, 27 March 2015

Workbench 27/3

Well as reported last update my wonderful daughter got married on Saturday
A great day and my love and wishes to John and Helen on their future together.
Since then I've been playing catch up, pre.orders for Salute, Order writing for a campaign game etc.
The bench currently looks like -

I didn't get the French finished but hopefully this week.
The second picture also shows some 6mm (nearer 8) MDF Napoleonic Infantry - not finished but with 100 figures for £2 they're worth a try, available from Commission figurines, the etched detail is pretty good so I will see what they're like when finished and based en masse (mad or what!!!)

Finally some more shots of the Forged in Battle Ancient Indians - about to receive another good drubbing at the club last night - perseverance is whats called for ( and some decent dice throws!!!)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Workbench Full again - 12/03/2015

After last weeks worry that gaps had started to appear on the paint table its been a busy week, both form the domestic front - knocking walls down etc. and the gaming/painting side.
DBA3 - Big Battle is proving popular at the local club and having finished the Indian army which is constantly been beaten up by Macedonians I have started work on my Macedonians.
On the bench you will see some more of the Forged in Battle/West Wind ancients.

Also there are more 15mm Ansar for the Sands in the Sudan and I have managed to finish the first half of the French Tournaisis Regiment, the second half are undercoated and the flags are on the way from Maverick Models .

My daughter gets married a week on Saturday but I still hope to get the rest of the French finished. Then it will be heads down getting ready for Salute - so lots more 18th century painting:)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Work Bench Thursday 05/03/2015

Sorry there was no update last week, I was busy wandering around the Highlands of Scotland amidst frequent snow showers but it was all pretty damn good.

Managed to finish The Manchester Regiment and Albermarle so progress is going forward on the Jacobite project.

As to the workbench -

I've decided to paint up a unit of French Infantry (not certain which regiment yet) so the first half are busy drying on their sticks!
More Ansar infantry are waiting for bases to be painted and another unit off picture are waiting to be started.
Westwind/Forged In Battle Ancient Greeks underway for the Macedonian army and a few other pieces floating around - waiting for progress to be made.
Still back to normal now so big push over the next week.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Work Bench Thursday 19/02/15

I'm away in Scotland next week so no workbench next week so I've been trying to get things finished
18 of Manchesters Foot are done and varnished the rest will be undercoated today.
Finished some more ansar and some 15mm Thracian foot for the Macedonians. Went retro on theses to the old days of WRG - black tunics and off white shields to show they're mercenaries.

Also started blistering the stock to get ready for Salute!! Wishful thinking maybe but I may sell some figures.

Friday, 13 February 2015

More recruits for the Sudan and Workbench Thursday 12/02/15

It's been a fairly hectic week on the domestic front so painting etc has been fairly hit and miss.
First up finished and based some more Ansar so they are starting to take shape - want/need about twice as many bases as I have to start gaming - that's of course when I get the Imperials done!

Carlo sent me a scratch built paddle steamer so I want o get that based and some crew painted more pictures on that as the project progresses!

On the workbench - just about finished the Royal Ecosse - the pressure is on to get more figures painted for Salute and at the same time I want to get them done as units for gaming!

A few more 15mm Macedonians, yet more Ansar and the poor coach which always seems to get pushed to the back. Maybe at the weekend I will get a bit more done - need a nice driver for it though.

There's also a picture of my last set of sculpts - using Richards dollies. This was a British infantry chap for my assault team! and what I call my Dutch. I'm getting better but still a lot of mistakes in the detail. I may have reached the 1970's style of sculpting!! Still a way to go.