Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Workbench Update and a trip to the Darkside

Sorry about missing last week, as preparations for my trip to Chicago gather a pace I'm finding lesss time to get orders completed, painting done etc.
Anyway the work bench has moved on  - the squadron of 11th dragoons are completed ( photo won't load) and we press on with the Sutlers cart and the Lion Rampant figures.

Just as a reminder these are the Claymore castings chaps I have finished

I also took my 10mm AWI from their boxes for a review - quite a few standards required but a handful of units will see the two armies ready for battle.

So a bit of motivation all round to get painting.
Monday saw my son take me to Warhammer World at Nottingham. I guess it must be 8 years since I last went and in that time I've sold 95% of my GW but still have fond memories and still like painting some of their models. My son just wanted to go see what had changed.

I'm not getting involved re money, prices etc all I can say for a day out I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main gaming hall hasn't changed too much except it now has a forgeworld and a black library shop.
There are still lots of nicely made gaming tables.

The exhibition hall has changed significantly first its £7.50 to go in but there are 5 halls and we spent over an hour admiring the painting and craftsmanship of the models and the displays.

This final model display speaks for itself and you work your way down the 22' high tower, there is so much to see on the model a fantastic display to look and admire. A nice trip down memory lane with my son and I day I enjoyed.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Battle of Kolin

Yesterday I attended Colin's ( from ) for a refight of the Battle of Kolin using the Honour of War rules.

Now Colin is going to do a detailed write up of the game and battle which is just as well because before I played the game all I knew of the battle was that Frederick was outnumbered and he got beat!!!

Five of us in total spent a full day gaming and here's some photos taken during the game I shall not give anything away
Robbie laughing at our outnumbered forces and reminding us who won!
 The garrisoned village of Krezczhorz a primary objective for the Prussians
 Lots and lots of Austrians facing the Prussian right flank
 Zieten sacrifices some Hussars to stall the Austrian right flank
 Robbie pondering about the dawdling Austrians in the centre
 More Austrians
 Prussian Cavalry on the left taunt the Austrians to come forward.

 Robbie getting excited that his Austrian artillery actually hit something

 Prussian grenadiers have taken Krezczhorz and threaten Austrian cavalry flanks!
 The massed Austrian cavalry attack pour through the centre.
Things I learnt on the day - Colin is a great host and has a lot and I mean a lot of painted figures.
His wife makes exceedingly good soup.
It was a cracking game and I actually like the Honour of War rules with suitable amendments regarding cannister range which is way too long in the rules.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Workbench Thursday and Cracking New Book

First and foremost not a bad week on the workbench front, Munro's foot ( 62nd) are all finished, the Scots Grey conversions are painted and the metal masters off to Griffin for casting.
The Westfalia forge sutlers cart is ready for priming and and a few pieces to be added for a vignette.
The reinforcements for my Lion Rampant Scots creep to the front as do some FIW indians.

Even better that tomorrow I'm off for a game at Colin's - Battle of Kolin and I'm trying the Honours of War rules, looking forward to it.

I also received volume 1 of Charles S Grant's latest publication in the new Refighting History.
Published by Caliver Books this large format 112 page publication is superb. With plates by the late Bob Marion, Menzel, superb pen and ink drawings and superb photo's of Charles' and John Ray's collections it looks great quality and to make it even better its a great read.

Friday, 15 January 2016

work bench

Progress this week has not be as I'd hoped, partly due to the fact that I painted the wrong cuff colours on half of Munro's regiment who are now based and waiting for the base to dry before the ground is painted and standards issued.

According to the cloathing book the regiment had red cuffs with yellow lace up until 1748 when it the adopted standard practice of cuffs, turnbacks etc all being the same.

Asa result I didn't get the conversions/new releases finished but maybe this weekend, I also finished off a base of Belgian Napoleonic infantry (20mm Newline design) based for the Blucher rules - quite pleased with the number of figures etc so may progress with this project!!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Return to normality

I don't intend to reflect too much on last years achievements ( or not) suffice to say that this year needs to see more gaming, more painting and more blog posts!!

A quick snap shot of the work bench as I eventually find some time to return to normality - I have a busy for weeks before a quick trip to Chicago and upon my return it will be head down to prepare for Salute and as far as this blog is concerned to prepare a game for Partizan - the theme 1744 and Marshall Saxe's proposed invasion of England to place Charles Stuart ( the young pretender) on the throne.
It will be played out as a mini campaign by some of the lads at the club and will culminate (I hope) in the final battles at the Newark show. The campaign is based on my article from the Wargames Annual Summer special 2015. and will be reported upon on here.

Now to the pics.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Workbench Thursday

Apologies that its been a while since I gave regular updates,  lots going on and I thought retirement was all about relaxation and doing what you want!!!

Saxe's cavalry are now all based and just need the bases finishing and the figures matt varnishing. Still painting more British Line!

to the right there's some 15mm ancients for Big Battle DBA - this time the army of Spartacus and in the back ground some Perry plastic ACW - couldn't resist their battle in a box so I'm seeing how quick I can paint them using base coats, wash and highlight!!

Battleground show at Stockton on Saturday which I'm looking forward to- last show of the year for me.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A small Naval diversion.

In between all the painting and sorting out I came across a box containing my Langton Napoleonic ships bought some years ago.
I did complete four of these with all the rigging etc but it was quicker to paint a unt of 28mm figures than do one ship.
I then came across Model J ships -
  Julian the proprietor is a master at his craft - he paints, rigs and bases the ships ( only Langton) so after much thought I sent him 3 British ships from my original Algeciras project.
They arrived today :)

I am over the moon with these. Check out his web site - he has started doing resin forts as well, now I know he's not cheap but you get value for money and one ship is still cheaper than a unit of 28mm.
Beautiful stuff - some Spanish will be going off for the treatment! shortly.