Sunday, 27 November 2022

Battleground Show - a most excellent day.

 The show is held on the university campus at Stockton and is run and organised by Leon of Pendraken Miniatures ably assisted by the rest of the Pendraken team. Leon took on running the show after the original Stockton show ceased and was run for a short while as Smoggycon by the Middlesbrough Wargames Club. Since then Leon has worked hard to encourage local gamers to support this event. It’s easy to get to always has a good variety of traders ( big and small), plenty of games, reenactment groups and even a couple of talks.

Add to this that it’s easy to get too, lots of free parking and free entry to the show! What’s not to like? Catering is provided by a pretty good catering van although this year I didn’t partake as since the op I have to be pretty strict on what I eat.

My only complaint in previous years has been the lack of attendance by Northern gamers, this year I’m pleased to say it looked and felt busy until I left which was great.

In terms of games there was a good selection of demo and participation games (25 I think) photos are below, for those I missed I apologise it wasn’t through any deliberate decision but it took me the firs 45 minutes just to get to the middle of the hall with people asking how I was and wishing me well for which I’m truly grateful it meant a lot but it was also great just to touch base and talk hobby.

Onto the photos and in no particular order, where possible I took photos of the nameplate.


Finally my haul was modest, I sold a few books and games to Lanchester books, picked up some figures Steve Allen had painted for me, a few bases from Warbases, some Eureka revolutionary bits from Colonel Bills a very nice little publication on Stamford Bridge and finally Robbie Roddis convinced me I need a scenario book for Antietam whilst he was selling on his spot in the tabletop sale. 

This was my first proper outing since my op and by 2 I was feeling tired so whilst I would have loved to stay longer I took the decision to head home.

In my humble opinion this show is what the majority of shows should be like so a huge well done to Leon and it was great day out for me.


Tiberian general said...

Fantastic post Graham thanks for sharing.


Ray Rousell said...

Great post Graham, the show looks brilliant.

StuartInsch said...

Sounds like a great show - fine looking tables and a good day out.

Aly Morrison said...

A great looking show Graham…
It looks like there was a good mix of games of a nice high standard.

And some new toys for yourself… what’s not to like.

All the best. Aly

Norm said...

Thanks Graham, some lovely tables there. I was intrigued by the ‘Can you name the battle table’ - I am still working on that!

Independentwargamesgroup said...

Great to see you Graham, as you know I do like this show for many reasons. Good to know youre pottering about.

Chris Gregg said...

Thanks for the very enjoyable tour Graham, some lovely games to look at. Glad to hear you lasted long enough to enjoy yourself and acquire a few new things. Cheers Chris G

david in suffolk said...

Thank you, splendid pictures of what was clearly a great show! Good to see Westerhope Wargamers still going strong, and the WW1 Aerial game ( with clouds? of course! ) really caught my eye.
GLad you could get there and spend a pleasant day.