Thursday, 24 November 2022

A short update and a bit of nostalgia!

 Whilst I’m getting pretty excited about the Battleground show on Saturday I have managed to get some bits and pieces painted and moved off the bench, the biggest hit was the ECW artillery 

All done and bases finished that should be enough to keep me going for a while. I want a couple of mortars for sieges etc. and I’m making some simple tents for the camp pieces. I am short of Dragoons there were more at Edgehill than I’d thought - I have the figures so they will be getting prepped shortly. 

However my next minor push is to paint the final battalion for my 28mmEarly French to finish the 3rd Demi brigade.

My wife did ask my this week if  the Christmas decorations were easily accessible in the storage area in the loft. ‘Of course ‘ I confidently replied and then whilst she has been at work I’ve spent some time moving things around to make sure they are so when she comes to put them up next weekend everything is in easy reach😁. Of course whilst doing this I couldn’t help but check a few files and folders that have been stored away for some time, I found quite a few things that stirred my memories one of which was this set of rules I’d made for my Marston Moor demo game in 1983/84

Six pages of rules that are very typical for their time. I don’t know if I’d have the patience to give them a run out after all these years and it may be best they return to the folder and be part of my Wargaming history.

The only photos I have of the game are these-

Extremely poor and you can’t make the figures out! Taken on my Kodak Instamatic the demo involved lots of Minifigs 15mm ( the little chaps on strips) and some Peter Laing to fill in gaps in the Covenanter force.

Possibly of more use was this game I’d forgotten I had 

Everything looks present and correct so maybe tomorrow I may spend a little more time checking the rules  etc and maybe giving it a run out! It may prove useful as a campaign mechanism for my figures 😁

Happy Days!


Norm said...

Nice to fall upon some wargaming history (and yes, I think they will be worth a spin - if only for some nostalgic immersion). Though I got a warm feeling at the mention of Kodak Instamatic :-)

Enjoy Battleground.

MSFoy said...

Full steam ahead, young Graham! The glimpses of the Marston Moor game were tantalising. I too have the ECW boardgame - I need to upgrade the counters a bit (they must be the cheapest, nastiest ever) but the basic game is interesting - for quite a few years now I have been intending to base a miniatures campaign on it - just haven't quite got around to working out how to do it yet (can't rush these things)!

Tiberian general said...

Very nice memories there Graham, them were the days taking a photograph and sending it off to photo print. Waiting a week and receiving photos with stickers on informing you that most were out of focus 😀. We are spoilt these days.


Aly Morrison said...

A fine looking artillery park Graham.

The dangers and joys of exploring those boxes in the deep levels of the house…
I love it… but unfortunately basking in the warm glow of nostalgia can get you into trouble with your better half 😂

All the best. Aly

'Lee. said...

Great update Graham and that's a fine looking bunch of artillery all based up :) Whats on the large round base with all the figures?

Lovely bit of nostalgia there too, ECW from 1983 :) I think I was doing the same around that time or maybe a couple of years earlier and also have photos of Minifigs somewhere!

Glad you are recovering well and up to scrambling around in the loft behind your wifes back :)


Carlo said...

I always love finding nostalgia myself as well Graham so great find in the loft.