Sunday, 26 July 2020

This week off the bench.

well I’ve finally finished the 30mm flats and made lots of notes on rules, figures etc.
I’ve enjoyed doing these and look forward to doing more.

Steve finished painting the new Mowhawk figures, I’ve started basing next up is the Provincials need a couple of units finishing before Richard finishes sculpting the civilians

I like these guys my FIW collection is growing quickly and I think I need to get Richard to sculpt some more British regulars in cut down coats etc and seated troops for boats!
Back to some more Highlanders this coming week. With the cancellation of the other Partizan it gives me a little longer to get the Culloden game finished but I’d rather stick with it and try and have it done by October. 
Also been notified Salute next year has been brought forward to the 10th April! The Nightingale ( as far as I know) isn’t due to be decommissioned until the end of March let’s hope it’s not needed! and even then I’m still not certain how shows will be received early next year.
Keep safe


Aly Morrison said...

Flats are such attractive figures Graham...
They have turned out well... as have the Mohawks.

All the best. Aly

Delta Coy said...

Good job on the flats and Mohawks they both turned out nicely. An expanded range of FIW British sounds interesting. Just noticed your change in picture - very distinguished! Cheers Greg

Graham C said...

Yes I've really enjoyed doing these and have lots more lined up 🤣 Looking forward to adding to the collection.
Yes I think the FIW needs to be another complete range! Ha the picture 🤣 Couldn't let Aly be the only one

StuartInsch said...

It looks like the Mohawks have run amok across your painting desk...!
Cracking figures.

rct75001 said...

Very impressed with those flats Graham. They are a great skill.


marinergrim said...

Lovely work all round Graham. Never thought flats would be so enthralling but they are!