Saturday, 4 July 2020

Feeling a bit ‘flat’

There are only so many tartans you can paint before you need a break.
Paul Robinson - Grimsby Mariner on his blog had gone back to his SYW project using flats and of course that got me thinking!

I’ve had some flat figures for some time but never brought any to conclusion - my original thought was to use the ancients to do a Greek -Persian conflict using a Command and Colours set up.

Anyway I decided to paint a ‘base’ worth up.

Not come out too bad I think! I like the idea of doing mini vignettes etc and they’re quicker to paint than rounds!
That then got me thinking of the SYW whilst I’m painting Jacobites,Saxons, British and French I can never see me painting Austrians and Prussians so I’ve started a couple of samples hope to have them done by Wednesday

Quite enjoying the short break.
Tomorrow more AWI gaming with my son


Der Alte Fritz said...

Graham, your flats look good. Keep it up. There is probably a bit of a learning curve on painting them, I would imagine.


Graham C said...

I’m not trying to emulate the real professionals but I find - thin paint, fine lines and a bit of thought where highlights would be based on a light source. But to be honest I’m really enjoying painting these.

marinergrim said...

Very reminiscent of Tony Bath. Like those.

StuartInsch said...

Yes , very retro...Hyborian

I love the look of flats and would love to give some a go someday. Will be watching how you get on with yours.

Chris Gregg said...

The shields look particularly fine. I did some Napoleonic flats once, it is more difficult to get a good effect than with round ones. Good Luck