Tuesday 26 May 2020

It's arrived

Charles Grants new book 'Refighting History Volume 8 - The Seven Years War Western Theatre, small actions' was released a couple of weeks ago and on Monday 18th Dave Ryan at Caliver books duly posted the initial orders first class post.

Well I've sat all week waiting for mine, reading everyone's comments on forums etc about how good it was, even Arno ,who lives in Germany, who has sketched the wonderful illustrations in the book received his on Monday.

Just as I was about to give up Royal Mail delivered today!

Now I haven't read this yet but Charles never fails to deliver, in this one there's 192 pages of quality. 9 actions are refought the majority using Charles' rules with suitable tweaks but Sharpes practice receives a nod and would be eminently suitable

The Little Wars of the Seven Years War are often overlooked in particular those in the Western Theatre so here's an opportunity to engage in actions involving French light troops against Hanoverian Jaegers, Highlanders etc and avoid having to paint hundreds of figures for thecset piece battles.
Now of course I'm totally biased as a lot of my figures appear in the book, I had great pleasure in making a lot of the troops required for the actions.
So tonight sitting down with a malt and having a good read.


rct75001 said...

Might take another month or two to reach me down here, then a month to read so I can work out an order to you. Looking forward to both events.


Graham C said...

It will be worth the wait and I look forward to your order 🤣

Carlo said...

I've fallen a bit behind in my purchases of these books Graham as my last one was Number 3. I can feel the credit card getting ready for a heavy dose of purchasing once I get a few commitments out of the way. Take care and all the best.

Graham C said...

A lot to catch up on then, you won't be disappointed in any of them.
This new one is great, I'm itching to play the games and am busy planning -- I think I just need to paint a few more figures on individual bases 😀