Sunday 26 April 2020

A game at last

After much last minute painting ( incl 24 figures in two and half hours) I managed to pull together enough 15mm figures to do the first scenario of my Gettysburg project!

The game pits Archers and Davis’ brigades of the Confederate army against Cutler and Meredith of the Union.

The game starts after Bufords cavalry have withdrawn. The Union have the Iron Brigade who are all rated elite and slightly better command and control ( I was using Pickett’s charge for the first time so the confederates lacked a commander so only 2 staff officers)
I’ve only taken a couple of pictures as my son and I got too engrossed.

Off board Confederate artillery proved to be annoying  the 5 four gun batteries even at long range kept adding niggling casualties which in the long run hurt the small units in Cutlers brigade.

The 42nd Mississippians got chewed up as in real life , but this time they didn’t quite make it to the railway cut.

As it was Davis’ brigade managed to force Cutler back to the base line, the brigade just about held even though they’d lost half of their regiments and the remainder were pretty roughly handled.

I didn’t do justice with the Iron brigade  - a couple of failed command rolls, but they pushed Davis’s brigade back over Willoughby run and pretty much fought each other to a stand still so at the end of the game both sides held pretty much the ground as in real life.

So now to paint some additional troops and resume the Confederate attack at 2.30!


The Jolly Broom Man said...

24 figures in 2.5 hours. Bloody hell Graham, that’s motoring!

Norm said...

Very nice Graham, I really like this phase of the battle. Your basing is making be reconsider some rebasing!!!for that ragged look, mine are too uniform looking and 24 figures in two and a half hours is something I would REALLY like to do :-).

Graham C said...

I quite like the 30mm square bases as they're suitable for a variety of rules Andy the 3 or 4 figures to a base looks about right ( in my mind) to give that slightly looser order look

Graham C said...

I impressed myself but these guys are painted for effect, base colours, ink wash, dry brush and done. Peter Pig figures lend themselves very nicely to this effect.
Having done it once I now challenge myself to keep doing it for all the 15mm 😀

Aly Morrison said...

Toys on the table... Graham.
That what it’s all about 😁
Two and a half hours to finish 24 figures... I would be happy if I just managed to choose the colours I wanted to use in that time....

All the best. Aly

Chris Gregg said...

That looks great Graham. I did the 1st Day scenarios in 6mm a good many years ago now (using Fire and Fury), it's a fascinating part of the whole battle. Good luck with the project. Chris

Graham C said...

I impressed myself :) but everything was prepared, paints lined up etc. and as I have with all the ACW I painted them already stuck to their bases- I don't know why but it somehow speeds up the painting - at least I think so.
I also think its fair to say that Peter pig figures lend themselves to dry brushing belts etc and ink washes.

Extrabio47 said...

A wonderful AAR, Graham. I had a great-great grandfather in Archer’s Brigade (14th TN) so I am honored you recreated that unit.

24 figures in 150 minutes? Do the math!!! Good heavens...


Graham C said...

Looks like I may have to make sure I label up and identify one unit permanently as the 14th TN for posterity. 😀