Thursday, 11 July 2019

Just for Lee and Tamsin (and anyone else interested)

Ok some more printing projects - Tamsin enquired about printing the 1/100 scale Bergman files off thingiverse at 28mm scale

Airborne radio jeep, I got the orientation slightly wrong so front wheels need a bit of repair but the next one I do will be fine.
Next Lee asked about the Shermans- the Sherman and Bren Carrier are both printed in resin, the Sherman worked out at just over a £1 the Bren about 0.32p.
Then I did a Kangaroo ram on the fdm - cost 0.38 p and photographed against a commercial one £4.00 retail! Yeah on the fdm you can see some lines and they can be minimised but for me by the time painted etc and on the table they will hardly be visible.

The bastion by the way cost about £15 but I'm going to increase the'infill' which could reduce the cost to around £12 - not bad I think.


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  2. If my fist comment didn't delete, what I meant to enquire about was the colour of the medium you can print in. Do you have much choice?

    1. A very wide range of colours in both the resin and fdm are available I just stick with what I'm comfortable with 🤣

    2. I wonder if in 10 years time you'll be printing stuff off ready painted so to speak?!

    3. way beyond me but you can make this printer print in multiple colours (up to five i think) with some extra bits bolted on and new software!

  3. They are very good indeed Graham. I'm guessing those fine lines will not be visible once primed and painted, just the layering of the resin? Thanks for posting the pics :)

  4. Lee,
    They will just about disappear with paint etc