Monday, 3 June 2019

Playing around with the printer.

Whilst I primarily bought the resin printer to allow me to print resin masters for my figure range I really have been wanting to see what else it could do.

I noticed on Tamsin's blog that 'Gaslands' seems to be gaining some traction (😫) and likewise at my club there has been  a sudden surge of interest and people asking if I could print weapons etc for them to put on their cars etc.

There are loads of these items on thingiverse and I have duly obliged, however I thought I'd do a test on this interesting model.

The buggy has come out really well and the Humvee type model also looks fine, I Mam really impressed with the detail I can get and bear in mind the buggy was printed in one piece.

In addition I've been playing quite a bit of  15mm WWII and so thought I'd give a couple of vehicles a print - first up some Bren Carriers again I'm really pleased with these. 

Next to print will be some Shermans again all are available on Thingiverse the files by Bergman being particularly good.


TamsinP said...

Luvverly stuff! That buggy looks the biz :)

Graham C said...

If you want on printing let me know 🤣

Phil said...

Amazing! I feel like a Luddite, and have no idea how all this works... It's a brave new world! Phil

'Lee. said...

Great stuff Graham, this is something I could not have imagined until a couple of months ago when I discovered it on your blog, I guess I was stuck firmly in the past. Those little bren carriers are lovely, can we see them when painted up please? may I ask what the cost of printing such a piece is, and a resin master figure? I am seriously thinking of investing in an entry level printer myself. Do I understand correctly that the designs/digital sculpts for those above were obtained free from the web? Have you seen Ian's images of our RHA officer?

Graham C said...

I only understand the basics but it's an amazing piece of kit and some of the resin figures I've been doing are excellent

Graham C said...

We were discussing costs last night the brenn carriers cost 35p each. I weighed them including the print supports to get a more accurate costs. I've just done a couple of Sherman's and they work out at £1 each! All off thingiverse - Bergman and Tiger Ace do a load of files for 1:100 and even more for 1:200.
The RHA figure I have seen and he looks brilliant