Thursday 9 May 2019

Wilhelmstahl part deux

Last weekend saw my travel to Charles Grants to participate in our second game based on one of the actions at the Battle of Wilhelmstahl, this one based upon Granby's attacks.
The game continued to reaffirm my belief that Ferdinand of Brunswick was a superb commander.

Yet again my opponent was John Dougan and this was the final game to complete Charles' next publication.

As usual a huge thanks to Charles and Liz for their excellent hospitality and to Charles once again for firing up my 18th century inspiration whereby I leave with a long list of figures that we've agreed need to be produced.

Just a couple of pictures of the game showing the Allied columns forcing their way out of the passes - can't give anything else away.

It's a superb game - full of refight playability.


Jiminho said...

That table is a real treat for the eye, Graham. Looks like fun and here is to Ferdinand!


Graham C said...

Charles' table set up always looks good. The 'deepcut' studio mat sets everything off really well.
The battles of Ferdinand have always been really enjoyable- always a challenge for both sides but really interesting and far different from just line them up and have a go!

Jiminho said...


Savory's history of Ferdinand's big campaign is probably my favourite SYW read! I'm very much looking forward to painting up up enough French and English btns to have a crack at it.

Graham C said...

Keep you eyes open for Charles' next book it will be really useful for that.

Martin said...

Hi Graham,

I'm looking forward to adding our favorite Brigadier's book to my collection! Any idea when it will be published? I'm also curious as to what types of "needed figures" were on your "long list"?! Looks like it was a great time all around... and thanks for sharing it with us.

Chris Gregg said...

Thank you for the pictures and insight Graham. Funny to see "cloth draped over padding" for hills making a comeback (it's where I started!), but it looks so much better than flat contours.

Doug said...

And Charles is a very sociable and generous opponent. Very envious of that game, it looks fantastic.

Graham C said...

No date as yet Charles is just finishing off Volume 7.
Clermont Prince - foot and horse features high on the list, Fusiliers de Montagne also make an appearance on the list - the rest as they say is secret!

Graham C said...

Yes funny how we've come full circle although it does look way better than my Subbuteo cloth

Graham C said...

It was indeed a great game, they always are.