Friday, 3 May 2019

Keith's Highlanders

Keith's Highlanders or the 87th regiment of foot were formed in 1760 and saw action at the Battles of Warburg and  Villinghausen, they were deployed to Holland in 1762 before returning to Scotland in the December of that year and were disbanded at Perth in July 1763.

I am helping Charles Grant prepare for a forthcoming publication on small scale actions of the Seven Years War which is requiring me to make new figures for the Crann Tara range, Von Luckner Hussars and Mounted Freytag Jaegers are already available and dismounted Jaegers are almost ready for production.
In addition Charles wanted figures to represent Keith's Highlanders - in the absence of light infantry the Highlanders were frequently deployed as both assault troops and light troops and therefore make a few appearances in the forthcoming publication.
To date I have completed converting 6 figures to be cast and need to complete a couple more as well as the Grenadiers.
I managed to finish painting a couple of the figures and if I say so myself the conversions haven't come out to bad (đŸ¤£)


  1. Nice sense of movement in theses sculpts Graham, and they clearly paint up well. Proper full size muskets too!

    1. Oh yes you can't beat full size muskets, and thanks for the comments.

  2. Outstanding figures. Beautiful done.

  3. You've done a great job with those, Graham, well done.