Monday, 11 February 2019

To the Sugar Islands

Even though the Teesside Triumvirate, as Duncan MacFarlane used to call us, is now down to one ( me 不) I have always tried to still present a demo game at Partizan, this year I have decided to change theatre of operations and move to the Caribbean.
Stuart Insch's excellent publication on the Sugar Islands campaign inspired me enough to do some figure conversions for him in terms of Compagnie Francais de la Marine and some various militia types.
Whilst I don't think these are good enough for retail they don't paint up to bad.
So the first 80+ figures are just about ready - the British 38th Foot ( awaiting their colours) and a host of French. NCO's require muskets, spontoons etc.
Next up some militia- I'm just hoping that the Naval landing party will be sculpted by Richard  and cast in time for the demo.

Just got to finish off designing the scenario.