Saturday 5 January 2019

Where did they come from?

I guess part of the aches in moving house is the sorting and packing. Of course as a wargamer that is magnified ten fold. So I guess it's also an opportunity to further challenge what has been hoarded and one of the biggest culprits are the magazines. So today I've spent going through over 8 years worth of Wargames Illustrated and Miniature Wargames cutting out articles of interest.
It will come as no surprise to many what is being retained fits in a fairly small box, what's being discarded fills 7 very large bags.
Lots of space created and weight removed begs the question why I still buy them?
I have retained my classic Miniature Warfare etc though, some things can't be thrown.
The 'pile' about half way through the sort out!


Tomo said...

Such is the burden of a literate man!

I have done the same with various magazine I meticulously collected over years. All dumped into a Recycling bin.

Simon said...

I find the gaming mags are a waste of money now and rarely buy them.

Graham C said...

I should have done this ages ago to be honest.

Graham C said...

I agree having seen what I have retained it certainly begs that question is it really worth it?

Independentwargamesgroup said...

It takes a special kind of wargamer to cut up his magazines. John has done it for many years but I could never bring myself to take the drastic step.Being an optimist? I keep hoping that sometime in the future one of the articles just might prove of great interest to me but when I attempt to re read them I realise just how vacuous they are nowadays. Even the pretty pictures become almost boring. When this happens I drag out my Practical Wargamers, Wargamers Newsletters, Battle or other 'old' magazines crammed with wargaming relevance. I always liken the phenomena of apples in a supermarket to modern wargames magazines, they look great but taste of nothing.

Chris Gregg said...

Lovely apt comments from Robbie. On my first downsize I sold a big box of my Wargamers Newsletters with great regret - but don't worry Robbie some of the early years' mags are stored with your name on them for when I'm gone. At the second downsize I sold all my Practical Wargamers to John Curry's project for posterity. But there has been so much written and illustrated in magazines since it is hard to imagine keeping it all. Good luck with the move Graham.