Monday, 2 April 2018

Battle of Warburg

Most of you will recall I attended Charles Grant's on the weekend of the 24th/25th March there to refight the Battle of Warburg. In my enthusiasm for the game and because of the cut and thrust of the action I was so engrossed I forgot to take my camera out of the bag and take some photo's

Charles has taken pity on me and sent three which do nothing to give the game away :)

For those individuals who do not know a lot about the battle can i refer you to
Suffice to say that the Heredity Prince managed to outflank the French army commanded by du Moy and launched an attack threatening the French left flank and rear - all the while waiting for the main army under Ferdinand to move up and attack the remainder of the French force.

Initially this looks like a game the French can't win and is certainly worthy of some refights, it was a bloody affair and was a near call for both sides on a number of occasions.


  1. That is a flat-out gorgeous game, you lucky fellow! The scenario is very interesting as well.

    1. The scenario is more finely balanced than it first appears and presents a real challenge to both players

    2. I'm hoping that this battle will feature in an upcoming CG Grant tome where I can read all about it...


  2. Beautiful looking game Graham. Please pass on my very best to Charles when you him next.

  3. Great looking battle as is to be expected Graham. The French always seemed to be in the clarts.

  4. Nice to see some pics of another wonderful CSG creation, thank you