Sunday, 15 April 2018

Salute 2018 a picture review!

Well the main event has been and gone for another year.
On my Crann Tara blog I will make reference to the show from my trade point of view.
Here I will tell you what I thought and throw some photos at you in the 40 minutes I had to run around before the doors opened, so first apologies for those games ( the majority) I didn't photograph.

For a really good photo review visit

So first observations - all the usual gripes poor lighting, hard floor etc but hey this is the biggest wargames event and I don't think they detract that much because of the buzz and the atmosphere.

Whilst some may disagree from my point of view compared to the last few years I thought there were far more historical games than in previous years which was pleasant.

So onto the games I managed to see and liked well first up Ian Smith's wonderful 40mm ACW siege won best demo game and rightly so.

Right next to Ian and arguably an equally strong contender for the prize was Bill Gaskin's wonderful AWI game - The Raid on Gaskins Plantation

As you can guess these two games ticked all my wargames taste buds and provided so much inspiration.

Then there were a few others that caught my eye that I couldn't spend a lot o time on and to be fair in the time I had I didn't get round half the venue.

Personally I thought it was one of the best Salute's for a while but what do I know.
Other than I will be there again next year God willing :)


  1. Some lovely looking games Graham...
    The ACW fort is gorgeous...

    All the best Aly

    1. Aly,
      Certainly was - still shows that the spectacle of big historical games take some beating

  2. Smashing photos mate. Plenty to inspire in those right enough!

    1. Stuart,
      Absolutely, there's plenty to get the grey cells working.

  3. Fabulous pictures, Graham - thanks for all your work - most enjoyable.

    1. My pleasure it was a great day even though I didn't see a lot

  4. Cool pics Graham! Great to have a chat too.

  5. Ray,
    Thanks and yes a quick chat I know but most enjoyable. Hope you had a good day.