Friday 14 October 2016

Workbench Update and a bit more!

I haven't posted a workbench update for a while so here goes! The sons Panzer Grenadiers and sci fi pieces are still claiming squatters rights but as no progress has been made for a while they may disappear shortly! Only Dad can keep things on table for an indeterminate period of time.
Now the Battle of Rocoux is done with its trying to get back to some form of agenda - Jacobites to the fore as I'm behind on painting these chaps. Horses for the next cavalry regiment are off camera drying and the 15mm figures are for a Spartacus army - this is for an annual HOTT tournament at a colleagues although these days its more a social bash than a competition - anyway the theme this year was Historical armies so good old Spartacus fits quite nicely. I shall then finish them off for a Big Battle DBA force.


In addition I have just finished an article which may appear in the winter wargames annual - about a few boardgames I think make excellent campaign systems to generate tabletop battles and ideas on conversion to the table top.
Having just been told my booking for Salute is confirmed its also heads down to plan what I need to get ready for the Crann Tara stand - such is life!


Colin Ashton said...

Sounds great Graham. What will you be cooking at Salute?

marinergrim said...

Pot pie for sale at Excel then?

Graham C said...

Not certain yet will keep you posted

Graham C said...

If I did pies at least I'd get something to eat

Independentwargamesgroup said...

I see you have adopted the scatter gun approach to wargaming again.
Look forward to seeing you at Salute.