Monday, 31 October 2016

A victory - and workbench update.

A busy weekend running round doing chores on Saturday but Sunday saw me travel through to Bob's for the annual Hordes of the The Things tourney which forms part of the World wide series of tournaments.

Not a game I play very often in fact it's almost a year since I last played but the event is very much a social event and a nice way to spend the day. This year the theme had to be based on historical armies as I'm slowly painting a Spartacus army for Big Battle DBA so tweaked this slightly to play in the tourney. As usual I forgot the camera but I surprised myself by winning all three games and winning the tournament.
Unfortunately the good guys team lost by 4 points. The only photo I have is Bob presenting me the wonderful trophy ! :)
A cracking day all told.
The paint table is still full of busy. The horses for the second squadron of Orleans were completed so I will do their bases and finish off the other two squadrons. Plastic ACW came to the fore as a number of club members thought it would be good if we all painted a brigade or two of palstic figures, so not one to be left out!!
The Jacobites have had a little more done and hopefully I can get them finished this week.


Independentwargamesgroup said...

Mind dont let this success change the way you are.

marinergrim said...

Congratulations Graham.

Graham C said...

Don't worry I will not become a competition gamer they don't appr coats my humour!

Graham C said...

Thank you, trust your recovery is coming along well.