Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Winter is Over - The new Show season is upon us Vapnartak 2015

Whilst i didn't manage to secure a trade stand at the York show this has become a compulsory trip,
the show has gone from strength to strength and for me marks the beginning of the end of winter and the start of the Show season.

This year I arrived at the York race course a tad early ( due to an incorrect bad weather report) fortunately I got straight in - about 9.40 and therefore had around an hour to look around before the hordes descended.

I have to admit I had very little on my shopping list - paint and bases. Although I had ordered a lot of purpose built streams from Andy at Last Valley for the AMG game at Partizan in May, two large boxes in fact!!! Despite seeing loads of lovely new shiny toys my impulse buying, for once did not take over.

There were some great games of which I have taken pictures of a few but not nearly enough to do the show justice.

True to form by 10.45 the place was buzzing and by 11.15 I retreated to the bar where I remained until around 2.00

But I met lots of old and new friends - Robbi Baker - sculptor and I guess we could call him a silver surfer now :), a cornucopia of gentlemen from the AMG forum together with many other gamers I have met over the years.

As one of my colleagues pointed out we've only got two more years and we can get in free for being over 60!!!

I understand around 1500 people attended the show and I feel this has now become the best show in the North.

The pics below present just a very small taste of games, I did take some pics of Mark Dudley's 40mm Blastoff Bridge participation game but somehow managed to delete them. What was good with this was Mark's young son was playing and through the day a number of youngsters had a go - with or without fathers. Great to see an introduction to historical gaming at the show.

Favourite game of the show was the Raid on Leith.

The Curtey's miniatures lads put on an excellent dark age game - pics taken before the troops deployed.


  1. I am always so envious of the show season for wargamers in Europe. Having just returned from our main one in our nations capital (4.5 hours by Airbus away!) that's already probably it for me for the year! That Leith game looks tremendous Graham, love the ships and boats!

    1. Carlo,
      Think in the UK we often forget the different set up you have in Australia and indeed in America where effectively there's a handful of largish conventions.
      We are lucky.