Friday, 30 January 2015

Work Bench Thursday 29/01/2015

Well i know its Friday but I didn't want to create too much confusion and I was at the club last night still trying out DBA 3.0 ( Big Battles) - My Classic Indians scraped a very narrow victory against Steve's Scythians but that's two victories out of two games played I have to admit quite enjoying it.

You will see the West Wind Macedonian army has started to take up a corner on the workbench.
So this week I've finished the first squadron of British Dragoons and the 8 highlanders - they are gloss varnished awaiting the scenic base and the matt varnish.
The Royal Ecosse should be completed soon, more 15mm Sudanese are about finished and the two dragon Sudanese Leigh gave me are awaiting a white dry brush to lift the detail and then a start.
Been a busy week but progress is ongoing.
Want the R.E. finished and then I will start on the Manchester Regiment.


  1. Nice looking units, love the Scotts...

    1. Phil,
      Thanks very much. Loved your Quatre Bras report