Thursday, 15 January 2015

Workbench Thursday

Belated Happy New Year to everyone.
One of the ways I have decided to a) increase the number of entries I make and b) ensure I make progress is to try and do a weekly update of what's on the work bench!!

My somewhat stacked out bench - The 14th Foot are just awaiting their bases to be completed, their Albion standard is also visible.
8 more highlanders are under way.
4 bases of skirmishers for the Sudan await bases to be done - off camera 10 bases under way.
In the background the Westfalia Landau is stuck as I work out who is going in it.
So as usual full of busy.


  1. Looking very good Graham - very busy but neat workbench compared to mine mate!

  2. And good lord are those High Elves lurking in the background too?
    How do you focus with all that going on?

    1. Paul,
      Yup well spotted must be 15-16 years old just fancied painting some, got half done. It's just how I work - butterfly syndrome

  3. Nice to see such a mix of scales and periods on the workbench.