Thursday, 5 February 2015

Workbench Thursday

Thought I'd be bang on this week with some pics of the progress this last week. Been quite good.
Finished and based the 1st Squadron of British Dragoons, the first 18 Royal Ecosse and started the next 12 to finish the battalion.

Aim to take some better pictures on the gaming table later this week.
Also finished quite a lot more Ansar and based them all, just the white edges of the flags to paint over- hate it when gamers leave them on!

Also a picture of the wonderful gift Carlo  (with pyjamas through the desert) sent me - a scratch built paddle steamer :) - Thanks Carlo.

Will look to get it based and some crew painted 'pdq'.

Finally some Macedonian Phalangites from West Wind - again painted for speed and aim to get a 36-40 element army done for Big Battle DBA to keep me going until I get more time to build a 'proper ' army.


  1. Are you sure there's a workbench underneath all those projects Graham!
    Fantastic output. Keep it coming...

  2. That's really impressive, great projects...