Friday, 13 February 2015

More recruits for the Sudan and Workbench Thursday 12/02/15

It's been a fairly hectic week on the domestic front so painting etc has been fairly hit and miss.
First up finished and based some more Ansar so they are starting to take shape - want/need about twice as many bases as I have to start gaming - that's of course when I get the Imperials done!

Carlo sent me a scratch built paddle steamer so I want o get that based and some crew painted more pictures on that as the project progresses!

On the workbench - just about finished the Royal Ecosse - the pressure is on to get more figures painted for Salute and at the same time I want to get them done as units for gaming!

A few more 15mm Macedonians, yet more Ansar and the poor coach which always seems to get pushed to the back. Maybe at the weekend I will get a bit more done - need a nice driver for it though.

There's also a picture of my last set of sculpts - using Richards dollies. This was a British infantry chap for my assault team! and what I call my Dutch. I'm getting better but still a lot of mistakes in the detail. I may have reached the 1970's style of sculpting!! Still a way to go.


  1. Your sculpts in the final photo look pretty darn good to me! Remind me again, please. Are there plans afoot to sell the Crann Tara range in North America through a produce or distributor here?

    Best REgards,


    1. Hi,
      Keith at Loyal Hannah Outpost is my American Stockist.
      Any problems get back to me and thanks for the comments

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