Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Gaming Centre to Open N.East England

Just in case anyone thought I had to much spare time on my hands since I've retired then here is just a short note for anyone living in the North East of England. From the 1st December a new gaming centre will be in open near Middlesbrough. :D I have teamed up with Brian Waugh of Waugh Games and convinced him of the value of such a place.

We should be able to have around 12 tables (6x4) on the ground floor,
There is a shop on site which stocks a wide range of products and we can order anything that North Star etc. advertises.
There's a healthy discount on most items especially for callers or people who order for collection.
The shop is open 6 days a week and whilst the gaming centre will be advertised as being open 3 days a week any groups wanting to come through and game just get in touch and we will arrange for the place to be open.

Light refreshments will available on site and whilst a small charge is made for the hire of the table this will be redeemable in the shop.

That's enough of the plug - all I want is get more gaming in and what a better way than having my own place!!
Had to do something with all that spare time in retirement!!!!

If anybody wants more info then pm me. Will have pics etc etc. ready in time for Smoggycon on the 24th November.

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