Monday, 10 December 2012

Game Centre up and running

Well the 8th of December saw the Game Centre formally open, a Warmachine tournament had been arranged by some chaps from Sunderland and Newcastle. Whilst I don't pretend to know anything about the game they all appeared to have a good time.
 The pictures below are the before and after, the first is at 8am when I arrived to open and get the place warm, the second is the tournament in full swing.

We also had some tables spare which were quickly snaffled by some 'Malifaux' players (don't know much about that either!) and some Saga players. So all tables booked, and a good day was had by all.

So now I can get back to some painting, I also bought some Holgar Erricson cavalry and metal Spencer Smith Cavalry to get my forces supported. They need a little touching up but I will post some pics soon of them and start to prepare for the next Scotia Albion battle.

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