Sunday, 4 November 2012

Albion Forces March to do Battle!!

Following a series of Border Raids by forces from the Duchy of Comyn, King George has ordered Sir Harry 'Spitfire' Douglas to make a 'Demonstration of Force' against the intruders.

Sir Harry has determined that the likely centre of enemy activity is Scierie Village just a few miles over the Albion border.
He has ordered his Brigade to assemble and march on the village, there he will sweep the area for weapons, stores and signs of enemy armed activity!

A view from the rear of the column as the leave the border town of Gysburgh, at the head of the Column the Royal Albion Light Infantry can be seen deployed on the flanks.

The single piece of artillery in Sir Harry's brigade followed by the 25th Albion with Colonel Theakstone at their head.
The Talisker Foot lead the column as it leaves the village.

Rupert Gibb with one company of the Royal Albion deployed on the flank ready to scout ahead.

Sir Harry with his companion Sarah Farmer-Pilkington lead the troops, just behind them can be seen Colonel Whitbread of the Talisker foot.

Sir Harry is of the firm belief that the troops of the Duchy will have little time to react to his incursion and that his men will be safely back in Albion before they know whats hit them!!!!


  1. Evening Graham,
    That is a lovely set up, now I know where your retirement money went.
    Well done.

  2. Your telling me, not a lot left although I say the wife has something to do with that!.
    Trust we will see you at Smoggycon on the 24th.