Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Still Printing

As the arthritis in my fingers seems to have taken a grip early and I'm only getting about an hour a day painting then playing around with the capabilities of the printer continues.
I've done a 28mm test print of a Napoleonic British infantry for Ian Mountain (sculptor) and I thought I'd try printing some 10mm WWII vehicles that I got off thingiverse just to see.
How they turned out.


In addition Graham Hilditch painted the 40mm Prussian Officer I printed - very pleased and very tempted. Just waiting for the files of the other figures now.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Go Large

I'm afraid I'm still playing with the printer 🤣 Anyway I thought I'd have a go at scaling up and make a 40mm figure
I don't think it turned out too bad.
Will take some better photos today but pics taken in poor light.
All very promising.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

First print results

Well first print results are promising a lot of work is required in positioning and supporting the figure so the first figure is one made for me to go with my range. 
The 'orcs' are 18mm I downloaded off thingiverse to practice the support process etc. Exciting times.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Home again and non stop together with a new project.

Well I've been home a fortnight and this is the first opportunity to play catch up on the blog.

I had to clear some Crann Tara orders and carry on packing the lead and plastic mountain which even though I have sold loads still seems overly large !!!

The Saxon Rapid fire cannon arrived from Griffin and is on the Crann Tara web shop.
And in a moment of madness I bought myself a 3d Resin printer ------

An Anycubic Photon and at a little over £400 is a pretty low cost entry into this world.

I'm hoping to use to print the resin masters for the series of artillery pieces I aim to release in the future and I'm also hoping to do likewise with a new range of 18th century figures I'm having done for me so lets see.
Of course that doesn't stop me looking at all sorts of other silly things that are out there!!!!

Finally to bring a close to my sons wedding and the trip to Chicago - a lot of people commented how my step son is a minime version of David and that as they grow older he gets more like him!!!
Very odd.

Next update will be back to gaming although it may see a return to some board gaming whilst the packing to move takes it toll!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Chicago Bound

I apologise for the lack of posts these last few weeks life has been a little hectic. The Crann Tara Saxons have sold extremely well and I have been playing catch up on the orders.

In the interim Dawn and I thought we should look at downsizing - I'm pleased to say games room and study were on her list for me but having sold the house within 3 days of it being advertised we have been running around finding somewhere suitable. We have found a house that provides all we want and all I need :). So house moving before Christmas is on the agenda!!!

Finally I'm off next week to visit my son in Chicago which I am really looking forward to.

Behind the scenes a mini campaign organised by Charles Grant for a future publication is off the blocks and more importantly following discussions with Charles about another book he intends to publish I have been busy converting figures into Von Luckners Hanoverian hussars and Charles has been working on mounted Frei Korps with other troops in the pipeline to accompany the book expect some exciting news in the future.

Little on the gaming front to report other than the usual gaming nights and whilst I have sold the majority of my Greeks ( although UPS appear to have lost a large parcel of them :( the new Mortal Gods game from War Banner looks interesting and I have just enough figures left to use them for this.

In the meantime some of my favorite pics of my British

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Battle of Vellinghausen

As I've mentioned before from time to time I have the pleasure of travelling up to Charles Grant's to take part in Battles for his future publications.
This weekend saw me go to Perth to take part in the Battle of Vellinghausen.
Rather than go through a full background and excellent account can be found here

The Battle itself lasted over two days, commencing on the evening of Day 1 and for most of Day 2.

The game itself focused on the attack on the Allied left by the Duc de Broglie.

I played the part of the Allies whilst John Dougan commanded the French.

The British commander on the Field of Battle was the Marquis of Granby and Charles asked if I had a suitable model, I didn't so I set about converting one to look something like the picture of him at the Battle of Warburg.

Don't think I did too bad a job.
So upon arrival at Charles I was presented with the table -

No enemy in sight - British pioneers working on defences to the front of Vellinghausen - the orders from Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick to hold Vellinghausen at all costs.

Now of course I can't go into details of the game as this will be appearing in a future publication. But it was a hard fought and bloody affair.

Here's a picture of part way through day 1 with both the Prince and Granby praying for night to fall.

 Then we have a picture at the start of day 2 before hostilities recommence and what was to be a very bloody day.

Once again a fantastic weekends gaming, superb hospitality from Charles and his wife Liz and great company with John, Charles and I discussing all things hobby and Crann Tara related late on the Saturday night. Watch out for more new releases - the list is long :)

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Greeks looking for a good home

The scaling back and rationalisation continues.
After much souls searching I have decided to try and sell my Ancient Greeks, the original collection was assembled to refight the first Battle of Mantinea which we displayed at the Sheffield Triples show some years ago.

As I've said before the majority of my colleagues all game ancients in 15mm and it seems quite mad just keeping these chaps for the sake of it.

There's a mix of Foundry and Vendel with a few Black Tree intermingled.
In summary there are 443 Hoplites, 29 Cavalry 64 Light infantry/Peltasts, 20 Thracians and 40 figures as commanders, vignettes etc
The majority of the hoplites are on 40mmx40mm bases the rest are based with 20mm fontage and 20mm depth per rank..
I can provide a more detailed break down should anyone be interested and am willing to deliver within reason.

Looking for £1650
which is less than £3 a figure - a bargain.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Trip to Claymore

First let me apologise for the lack of recent posts, a combination of real life and mulling over the options and future of Crann Tara Miniatures have all been quite time consuming.
However I decided to take a ride up North to the Claymore show at Edinburgh - a 3 1/2 hour drive there, 3 hours at the show and a 3 hour hour drive back a sensibl way to spend the day!!

Claymore since it's move to the College always feels a bit odd to me - The Atrium, the main hall and the Bring and buy always feels like there's a disconnect. However its a good show - not as good as its heady days in Adam House in the City centre :)

Main thing was to deliver a large parcel of lead to Charles Grant and I spent a good 40 minute over coffee discussing all things 18th century and future releases for Crann Tara.

I also had chance to meet up with Jim Duncan who impresses me no end with his approach to his current illness.

Stuart Insch who's enthusiasm  is always infectious. I saw Graham Hilditch in passing and I apologise for not getting chance to catch up but my clock was ticking so to speak.

A good chat with Barry Hilton especially about the forthcoming Ottoman Turks he is releasing and I was most pleased to find out that my Saxons sent troops to fight them - so what more excuse do I need to but Ottomans.

The games that I saw were fine nothing in my mind outstanding but some very nice ones, I have to be honest I didn't spend a lot of time in the main hall and the heat and body odor from the bring and buy ensured I beat a hasty retreat.

So because I also found the battery in my camera was on its last legs I only managed photos from two games - Barry Hilton's Napoleonic set up and a nice 10mm Bronze age naval game.

As to purchases a few metal bases from Trevor Holland and the new book on the Dutch army from Helion. But all in all still a most enjoyable day and a break from the mundane

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

What you been doing?

Sorry for the quiet spell since my return from Kenilworth it's all been a bit manic!!

On the painting front I'm still plugging away at Highlanders and I did paint a few samples of my new Mousquetaires de la Garde - now the issue is I want to paint more!

A colleague and I have also been working on some AWI rules for our 10mm collection which has seen me paint up a few more figures ( they dont take long) I can usually do a 40 figure infantry unit in an afternoon.
We gave the rules their first try out the other day on a sort of Battle of Cowpens - all worked well British won without taking the pasting they got in the actual battle, this was primarily due to the Commander of my Militia failing a command roll with the result that instead of falling back to the flanks of the Continentals they stood at the fence/ wall line and took a beating!!  Not much to see on the photos I'm afraid as this was all about testing the rules.

Finally on Sunday I was asked to participate in a Gangs of Rome Tournament at 'Gaming Figures' my local store. A most enjoyable day - 4 games won three, narrowly lost the fourth  and won the tournament :) - not bad for an oldie!

A big thanks to Gavin from Gaming Figures and Steve Snow from Warbases for organsing and running the event.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Wild Geese Weekend - Kenilworth 2018

Now in it's third year, what was previously known as 'A Military Gentleman '  due to the connections with the superb book and forum published and run by John Ray has now become The Wild Geese due to a significant number of attendee's not being owners of the book.
We all gathered once again at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwickshire for a weekend of games.
Arriving on the Friday I dropped my two colleagues off at the hotel and then went to pick Jim Purkey up from Coventry railway station before heading over to Griffin moulds for a meet with Jane ( the owner) and the staff.

A return visit is to be scheduled to discuss 3D sculpting - no more to be said at this stage.

Following this it was then a return trip to meet up with everyone

23 attendees
Not much Wild about this lot!!!
First and foremost a big thanks to Colin Ashton and his wife Katherine for organising this event and for taking up the cudgel to run next years event.

There was a choice of four games
Paul Robinson from the Grimsby Club was hosting a Great Northern War game using his own rules, Willz Harley hosted a Seven Years War game utilising the traditional Spencer Smith figures and Jim Purkey's rules, Gary Phillips  took us to Africa to fight the Zulus using The Men Who Would Be King and finally Colin Ashton who hadn't had enough orgnasing the event decided to host a game - Versailles a most interesting 17th Century romp using his own rules.

Experience has taught me that it is more than likely I will only get to play in 3 games and I really wanted to play them all ! The two must plays were Gary's and Paul's so first thing Saturday morning I joined four other commanders on our quest to punish the Zulu's by burning their Kraal and the Cheifs hut.
Michael Perry took his command of engineers straight into the Kraal and set about the business, Stuart Insch took command of the Naval Brigade and the cavalry who went on their own  mission oblivious to all around them until the return trip. Leigh held the left flank and me the right. With a CO who was a shirker and one of my Company Officers being Brutal it was rather a difficult job getting my chaps to move and of course under the rules everytime you move Zulus may appear in our case they certainly did - particularly in the rear view mirror.
 Unexpected Zulus arrive to the rear Naval Brigade about face
 Gavin helped Gary with the Zulu's he saved our skins - 18 dice 5 or 6 to hit!!!!!!

 The Engineers set fire to the Kraal with some very artistic smoke markers

Time to leave

Second game was Paul Robinson's Great North War feast. I took command of Russians on the right flank and the overall aim was to prevent Swedish supplies crossing the bridge to the village. In reality the game would hinge on the cavalry battles in the centre but I did my bit tying down two Swedish regiments and eventually getting the better of them at the same time pushing my infantry forward to threaten Swedish cavalry who failed to charge me on two occassions.
Michael had take our infantry on the left where he did a sterling job engaging the Swedish foot even if he was roughly handled.
Martin took the cavalry in our centre and what a mighty battle it was on this occasion Gavin threw some incredible morale dice saving the Swedish cavalry who came back for round two later and won every melee thus saving the supply column.

Colin's game was the final game I played on Sunday morning - Versailles. Three players all on the same side - racing to cross the bridge before the sluice gates opened and flooded the area. En route collect 'courtesans' who could provide information re certain peoples duplicitous actions.

The twist was that each round the player drew a card which could either enhnace your forces or which you could play on a colleague causing their troops to fall back, fail to charge or take morale checks - did I feel guilty when Gav lost almost half his cavalry to poor morale checks _ not likely.

Aly won this one on a throw of the dice at the end - great fun.

Finally the game I didn't get chance to play - what looked like a most enjoyable romp

All in all a most excellent weekend and without doubt one I shall return to next year.