Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Battle of Leuthen

Today  saw me attend Colin Ashton's of
For his annual refight of the Battle of Leuthen. This is the 261st Anniversary of the Battle and as you will see on Colin's blog current standings are Austrians 7 Prussians 3 so a tough nut for the Prussians and after arrival I joined Colin on the Prussians and was put in command of the right flank taking command of Zieten and the Prussian infantry advance Guard.

Rules used were Black Powder 2 - not my favourite set but Colin had made a few amendments and to be honest they played ok.

Colin will be putting a detailed report on his blog - suffice to say it was Prussian victory😀 Not through taking Leuthen but bringing  the Austrian army to its break point.

The Prussian cavalry on both flanks fought the Austrian cavalry to standstill with the brigades of both sides becoming spent  on the same bound.

Zieten had succeeded in riding down the majority of the Reichsarmee infantry early on and thus met the Austrian cavalry as they arrived thus negating their superior numbers.

A few miscellaneous pictures of the day.
A big s

A big thank you to Colin for hosting the event in his superb games room and for the excellent spirit in which the game was played.


  1. Three cheers for the Prussians. Excellent generalship on your part Graham.

  2. Graham you beat me to it! Glad you enjoyed the game. I will get my blog updated tonight I hope.

  3. Wonderful looking game Graham. Colin certainly knows how to put on a grand show doesn’t he?

  4. Splendid...
    A classic Ashton extravaganza... with sheep

    All the best. Aly