Friday 4 March 2022

Saxons on the march?

 After much deliberation I’ve decided to sell the Saxons I have completed, I’m going to focus on the French, British and Spanish forces so I’m not going to spend more time in adding to these.

There are 5 regiments of infantry (36 figures each - although for some reason one regiment is 48!) 

3 regiments of horse ( 28 figures each) a cuirassier, Cheveaux leger and Uhlans.

There’s an artillery crew and some generals as well. There’s also plenty of unpainted pieces to add to the army which I will sell at a ridiculously low price if any one buys this collection. 

For better photos, questions etc just get in touch.



Donnie McGibbon said...

Wow, they went quickly!1 Mind you not surprised a lovely looking army.

'Lee. said...

Well they didn't hang around Graham :) Look nice, what make are they?


Unknown said...

As always late to this announcement! Well done pnthe speedy sale. I just need a few unpainted figures to finalise my saxons. The last 40 odd jacobite are on the painting table. As always they seem to take me an age to do.