Tuesday 15 March 2022

A few more bits for sale and a new arrival!

 In between lots of household duties I’m still managing to sort a few bits up.

First I found these guys lurking with the British cavalry, t hey obviously thought having red coats they could join His Majesties forces - no such luck! 

Here’s the Saxon Cheveaux Legers Graf Rutowski in all their splendour. A total of 28 figures ( 24 troopers and 4 command) going for the princely sum of £150 which includes U.K. postage just message if you’re interested. Will be going on various forums tonight.SOLD

Next we have some Greek hoplite, after talking with Phil Olley I was enthused to return to WAB and decided to do some chariot armies which I have started, however I’ve always loved Greeks and momentarily though about raising a Greek army. Anyway I’ve decided to stick with my original decision and having recently finished these guys they’re now looking for a new employer. 49 figures in total based primarily on 40x40 bases in groups of 4 but there are some individually based and on some on 40x20.

Primarily Wargames Foundry but there’s a few Lucid Eye chaps in there . £150 for these chaps again including U.K. postage.(SOLD)

Finally I ordered Charles Grants latest publication from Caliver Books and it has arrived. It weighs in at 194 pages! Crammed full of excellent artwork, photos and background information. This is a departure from Charles’ usual refighting history books in that this is based on a What If campaign. The Saxon army in the 1756 Pirna campaign did not cover itself in glory being trapped by the Prussians and surrendered en masse.

This publication gives the reader/gamer ten scenarios which cover all sorts of challenges and range from small actions to some pretty serious battles.Now as you know I’ve just sold my Saxons but I will be using my British and French to fight these, the games are easily transferable to other armies and dare I say other periods. .

Really looking forward to reading more and playing through the games.

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