Wednesday 3 November 2021

Surfacing from under the blanket

 On the 19th October after 28 years working as a civilian for Cleveland Police my wife took early retirement as over the last few years the management of the force has run its staff into the ground this isn’t the place to go on about poor leadership etc. But after doing the sums it was worth her while to leave and she has found another job less stress, better managed and almost same pay. Her parting gift was to test Positive for Covid on the 22nd. She had what seemed like a bad cold my tests PCR and lateral flow were negative but on the night of the 26th I felt like crap and sure enough tested positive.

Anything flu or cold like goes straight on my chest and up until today I’ve really been out of it, so don’t know how I’d have been without vaccine - most probably in hospital!

Today I still have bad cough and chest but starting to feel better and isolation finishes Friday.

I know I’m feeling better as I managed to finish the bases on these Sea People figures (Lucid Eye Miniatures) that I started before Covid Struck. They haven’t been Matt varnished yet as the weather and atmosphere didn’t feel conducive to getting good results.

The figures are excellent sculpts ( a little on the large side) but are a joy to paint. This is a dabble back to WAB 1.5 and is all down to Phil Olley and his associates. There’s also some Greek hoplites starting to make an appearance.

I also copied the Chariot rampant rules from WSS to allow an intermediate level of gaming at some point.
Hopefully next week if I’m feeling better I can return to some 18th century pieces.

Take care



marinergrim said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell but glad to see that you're getting better. Does whiskey help? I always find it helps me😀

StuartInsch said...

Best wishes to you and Mrs C.
Take care guys.

The Jolly Broom Man said...

God mate that’s really rough. I hope you and yours make a rapid and full recovery. Some one else I know that’s been jabbed twice came down with Covid last week. I don’t wish to be alarmist but I can’t help wondering if there’s another strain of it doing the rounds?!

Norm said...

Glad you are on the road to recovery, I’m sure the vaccine has been of benefit. I have some family who are not vaccined and they have had hospitalisation, release, return to hospital, ambo to house and now, some 5 weeks on, one of them is back on antibiotics for a lung infection and can’t walk for more than 15 minutes.

As for Sea Peoples - lovely sculpts, they are fascinating troops with a very unique look.

Have you seen the Warlord Games ‘release news’ today on EPIC Waterloo :-)

Carlo said...

Great to hear you are on the mend Graham and wonderful that your wife has gone into a less stressful position work wise. Your SeaPeoples look fantastic.

MSFoy said...

Hope you and your wife make full recovery very quickly - do you now have improved resistance then? No - it wasn't a serious question, but the whole situation isn't encouraging for anyone. Still, Boris may have to review guidelines even if it impacts his mates who own travel agents and pubs in Surrey.

Alarming story - take care.

Graham C said...

Thanks for you comments.
That’s how I knew I wasn’t well I couldn’t drink the whiskey. I’m trying hard now !
Another strain more than likely I mean I wouldn’t want to miss out on that would I ?
Yes I like Sea People - proper ancient pirates 😁 Yes I’ve seen the Warlord pre.releases and leaving aside all the wailing and crying from some of the Wargames lobby I actually quite like them, not for BP but possibly a DBN type game
Thank you it’s nice she seems to have gone to a job where the people are still,valued.

God only knows ! And he isn’t saying much these days. The wife seems fully recovered and I’m having good days, bad days but I’m still here 🤪

'Lee. said...

Brilliant news that you are recovering Graham and that your wife did fairly quickly. God knows when this is all going to end? I mentioned our friend in Spain who refused to take the vaccine and was very seriously ill with Covid, well she's also recovering thankfully although I will never understand her!

Soldiers look great, and really good to see you back painting :)

TamsinP said...

Sorry to hear that you and your good lady have both been down with Covid, but glad to hear you are recovering.

Those Sea Peoples figures look jolly spiffing. I take it that the oversized one is intended as Goliath?

Take care!

rct75001 said...

Always been intrigued by the Sea People's uniforms - especially the headpiece. They are very nicely done Graham. Good to hear you are both on the mend.


Rohan said...

Graham, I am so glad to hear that you and your wife are recovering. I hope you are both fighting fit soon. You have reinforced the benefit of a 3rd shot booster for me - we are starting to be offered these in Aus 6 months after our second jab.

Also, great move on your wife's part to move to a lower stress job. I have been having these chats with my colleagues lately as we are all around or past official retirement age, and one wisely said "there is no point earning money you will never spend - just work out what you need to live comfortably".

Great work on the Sea people. I assume the big fella is Goliath! Between you and Phil and Jim, the Ancients spark is reigniting!

All the best, Rohan.

Graham C said...

Yes a Goliath amongst men. I think a 40mm base and fighting as two or three warriors should do!
I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this little force develop.

Andy M said...

These look lovely, Graham. Really impressive. How is it going with the hoplites?

Graham C said...

Thanks. 30 hoplites waiting to be based 15 more started 🤣 photos soon.

Andy M said...

Excellent! Look forward to it.

DaveD said...

Best wishes Graham .. sounds like it’s been a tough time !