Tuesday 23 November 2021

Heth renews the attack

 Some time ago I fought the McPherson Ridge scenario from the Summer Storm scenario book for the battle of Gettysburg.  I always think the early attacks of Archers and Davis’ brigades make for an entertaining game. The scenario was played using the Bonnie Blue flag rules and it pretty much followed the real battle The Union Cutlers brigade got pretty mangled but the Iron Brigade saw of Archer’s brigade and Davis’ brigade was too spent to put any pressure on the Union.

So today I thought I would refight the second scenario in the book this starts around 2.45pm and follows a lull in the battle allowing both sides to reorganise and bring up reinforcements.

The above two photos are from the Confederate right flank Pettigrews brigade of North Carolina regiments all green troops but some big regiments 6-800 men per regiment ( 1 base is roughly 100 men)

Moving along the Confederate line Brockenbrough’s brigade - all experienced Virginians but some small units these two brigades were facing off against Merediths brigade ( Iron Brigade) some of the units carrying casualties from the earlier engagement. He’s supported by Dana’s brigade 3 regiments of green Pennsylvanians.

Bringing up on the rear of the Union left flank is Biddles brigade.

Way out on the Union right is Baxter’s brigade supported by the 6th Wisconsin a detached regiment from the Iron brigade coming towards them is Daniels brigade they are supported by 5 batteries of guns from Pegrams artillery which are firing from off board.

The Confederates didn’t waste any time with a full advance along the line although Daniels started to swing some of his regiments towards the centre. 

Early exchanges went the Union way with the Iron brigade still showing their worth however the Union whilst repelling some of the early attacks were unable to break those large green regiments. The Virginians in the centre were made of sterner stuff and advanced to engage elements of the Iron Brigade and Dana’s brigade

Biddle’s brigade began to move to the Union left to hold the flank against Pettigrew’s men.
As the Confederates pressed forward pressure began to mount on the Union line the 40th and 42nd Virginians attacked the 24th Michigan  who suddenly evaporated before the onslaught! At the same time Rebel units from Daniels brigade were starting to advance towards the flank of Dana’s brigade

At the same time Pettigrew’s brigade was putting pressure on Biddle’s   brigade on the left. The Union commanders were working overtime trying to replace lost attrition on their units whilst the rebel commanders had managed to keep fresh units in the line whilst rallying troops. Baxter’s brigade had managed to destroy the 53rd North Carolina and were swinging left to attack Dana’s brigade however Pettigrew’s artillery had been gradually causing casualties to the point where Baxter had used his attrition point in keeping his men moving. 

At this point the Union had lost 4 regiments to the Confedrate 1. The Union centre had buckled to the point where there was only the 7th Wisconsin holding the centre. Biddle’s men had managed to stall Pettigrew’s attack although it was more than likely another co-ordinated attack would force Biddle’s men back.

8 bounds had been played.

A thoroughly enjoyable game, a couple of things I need to check/ adapt, I can’t find any rules for taking the ground if victorious in melee, I’ve done away with the loss of a unit if you score less than 10% in the morale/ attrition test and changed it to scoring zero, likewise if a unit scores 99 I’m tempted to reinstate either an attrition point to the unit or to the Brigade commander. I have a number f sets of rules which I enjoy these to me give a straight forward game.


The Tiberian General. said...

Nice looking game Graham, thanks for sharing.


'Lee. said...

Ah, still my favourite period. All looks very good indeed Graham, I like the way the troops are based. Nice river sections BTW :)

Carlo said...

Looking very good Graham. Very much enjoy ACW.

Norm said...

Looks superb and good to see Bonnie Blue Flag handling several brigades. I like the way the rules manage a veteran unit.

The 10% rule only applies to 10% of the actual score needed rather than a raw 10% die roll, so often that will be in the 3% or less range anyway.

Independentwargamesgroup said...

nice looking game, Graham, well done.