Thursday, 10 June 2021

All at sea

 I always find that naval battles quite often provide a suitable diversion from large games, generally quick to set up and don’t always need a large table. I have 1/1200 and 1/600 Napoleonic ships but as with many things always on the look out for other diversions! [ not that I need them) 

Barry Hilton is shortly to release Ark Royal Miniatures a very nice range of 1/1200 scale ships for the 1650’s which reminded me I had some files made by Henry Turner and released under a Gilded Sails KS 

So thought I’d print a couple - as always not done the masts yet

On the left is a Dutch Fluyt at 1/600 and 1/1200 and on the right a Dutch 80 gun, they’d be better in resin but for what I would used them for fine in FDM.

It didn’t stop there thoughDavid Crook on his A Wargaming Odyssey blog has been making some excellent ACW ships using bits he had Martin at Warbases use for him, he’s had a couple of test games working on a set of rules by Bob Cordery with some tweaks which are looking very good. 

Again it reminded me I’d downloaded 3 sets of files from Thingiverse for ACW ships.

The first set I printed are all Union Ironclads and masts need to be done for New Ironsides but they’ve come out not bad. Again these are scaled at 1/600 but could be made larger or smaller! 

I will print a few Confederates and they should be quick to paint!

Keep safe.


David Crook said...

Hello there old chap,

“You have taken your first steps into a wider universe…..”

Lovely looking prints and monitors and Casemate ironclads are a doddle to paint.

Looking good for sure!

All the best,


Carlo said...

Now this is looking quite good Graham. You really are an innovative chap you know and the new technology is water off a ducks back. Far cleverer than me mate.