Saturday 9 January 2021

Bit more Epic! Rules and figures for sale

 First up finished painting a second sprue of Warlord Games epic ACW as Confederates

Not come out too bad although the anti shine spray didn’t Matt them down as much as usual, I’m blaming atmospherics!

Also started to sort out rules etc that I’ve never used and will not be using so all are in very good condition.
The galloping Major figures was a Kickstarter I’d forgotten about! Stockbridge Indians and Rangers/militia

Galloping Major figures Stockbridge Indians + Rangers/militia and extra character figures £50 incl U.K. postage

Rules - Chain of Command £15 excl postage. (SOLD)
Clash of Spears £25 excl postage
Blood and Plunder No Peace beyond the line £20 excl.postage
Blood and Plunder  Rules £15 excl postage
Necromunda Gang War £6
necromunda Gang War III £6.
Flint and Feather - £15 
All rules will be charged postage at cost

The Chain of Command rules have been sold. Just contact me if you’re interested.

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Stryker said...

Nice work on the ACW figures, I would be tempted if I didn't already have armies in two scales!