Thursday, 8 October 2020

Preparations for the long winter!

 Apologies for the recent lack of posts, I’ve been slowly insulating the converted garage so it can be used as a year round gaming room. It is taking longer than I’d planned due to the recent inclement weather forcing me to move everything around inside the garage as I do each wall! Anyway 75% completed means I can start to find a little time for the hobby.

Following on from what I think is the final sell off of figures terrain etc. I have used some of the money to invest in some board games - I am finding that my interest in board games has grown. I used to play a lot of games and have kept a number that I felt make good campaign systems for figures. However production quality has improved dramatically and offer a great opportunity to try battles or campaigns I haven’t time to collect figures for.

Jacobite rising is the third addition to the Command and Colours ‘Tricorne’ series and is one I couldn’t avoid given my interest in the period. I find the series hugely enjoyable even if the O.O.B’s can be a little inaccurate at times but nothing that isn’t easily addressed.

Flying Colours by GMT is designed for actions in the age of sail, the series has received a lot of positive reports and the rules do not seem overly complex, with 300+ named ship counters in the box it is an opportunity to indulge in some fleet actions on the table top.

Finally This War Without an Enemy by NUTS was a kickstarter game and covers the English Civil War it looks extremely interesting and includes both campaign and battle  but I think would be excellent for a campaign system to generate figure battles.

Just in case you thought I’d given up on figures - another 2 units of Prussian flats are under way and I managed to paint up some of the latest releases from my FIW range.

As the only thing that is certain at the moment is that this restricted lifestyle being imposed upon us is going to continue for some time and who knows if there will be anywhere to go for a drink or a meal when this is over! In the meantime keep safe and keep gaming


Fire at Will said...

Keep safe, and all being well we will all meet again on the other side.

Delta Coy said...

Good to hear work on the garage is coming along nice. I've noticed on a number of blogs that people are returning to board games (including Vassal).

Graham C said...

Funny how as I’ve got older my values and interests in gaming have started to return to where I started, although I have to admit how I learnt some of the old rule sets both board and figure is beyond me! But I think board games fill a nice gap and in particular some of the battle games allow us to explore historical events we most probably will never game otherwise.

Extrabio47 said...


Thank you for sharing the photos of your new releases; they look wonderful. Those of us in “The Pandemic Hinterlands” really depend on you, and others like you, to maintain sanity in an insane world.

Can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Crann Tara. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be exciting!

Stay safe and healthy,


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Some lovely brushwork there! I know the feeling where the reduction in mobility is concerned. But I'll have a whisky following dinner and toast you tomorrow evening.

Best Regards,


Norm said...

Hi Graham, my friend has just picked up ‘This War’ and he phoned the other day absolutely enthusing about it - he has a lot of games, so for him to be particularly happy with the quality of this, says something.