Thursday, 2 January 2020

Happy New Year - Let's keep moving forward

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have all had a decent festive break and that this year is kind to you all.

I know a lot of  people tend to look back at what they've achieved or not and whilst it's important to always know where we've come from and how we got here, I tend to think that looking forward is where the time should be spent!

If I started looking back I'd only get worked up on what I didn't do anyway 🤣

My main priority for this year has to be finishing the Jacobite project, I need to finish the forces for Culloden and add some individually based units for some of the smaller actions I intend to fight.

Charles Grants forthcoming book on small actions of the Seven Years War will see me painting Freikorps, Hussars etc to fight these actions and it will be nice to see some of the exotic and colourful pieces get a real purpose.

This year will also see me take Crann Tara full on itnomthe French Indian War and I would really like to try and paint these units as they are made, with the forthcoming release of  the second edition of musket and tomahawks I'm really looking forward to getting back into this - but on this occasion using my own figures 😀

As you are aware I've spent the last few years disposing of large chunks of my 28mm collections and terrain partly as an exercise in refocusing and reducing the number of periods etc I play.

I aim to continue painting the 15mm Ancients, War of 1812 and ACW as side shows - with the exception of the Ancient- I'm painting figures for set battles/scenarios and upon completion will move onto the next ( eating the elephant) (can I still say that?)

I would also like to find some more time to getting back to some board gaming - I have a pretty good collection of games and they can provide a nice diversion to figure gaming.

I the meantime here's a couple of pics of pieces that I've finished basing.
The Austrians are a full battalion of resin printed figures - that includes the Mounted Officer - they've painted up ok I think.

Then there's the dismounted Languedoc Dragoons - the horse holders are on the bench. These chaps will be seeing action shortly!


Amtmann B. said...

I especially find the dragoons very nicely painted and sculpted.

Independentwargamesgroup said...

I particularly like the 'resin?' Austrians Graham, they are really good figures.Keep up the good work.

Bluewillow said...

Lovely stuff, looking forward to your posts in 2020

Matt said...

Happy New Year Graham,you can not create time, but you can live it! Now how about some ACW stuff, as in buildings. You have had time to sobber up from the New Year and as we wait probably gearing up for Burns Night.In between your public awaites with anticipation.

Graham C said...

I hear the Trotsky farm a calling

pancerni said...