Saturday, 4 August 2018

Trip to Claymore

First let me apologise for the lack of recent posts, a combination of real life and mulling over the options and future of Crann Tara Miniatures have all been quite time consuming.
However I decided to take a ride up North to the Claymore show at Edinburgh - a 3 1/2 hour drive there, 3 hours at the show and a 3 hour hour drive back a sensibl way to spend the day!!

Claymore since it's move to the College always feels a bit odd to me - The Atrium, the main hall and the Bring and buy always feels like there's a disconnect. However its a good show - not as good as its heady days in Adam House in the City centre :)

Main thing was to deliver a large parcel of lead to Charles Grant and I spent a good 40 minute over coffee discussing all things 18th century and future releases for Crann Tara.

I also had chance to meet up with Jim Duncan who impresses me no end with his approach to his current illness.

Stuart Insch who's enthusiasm  is always infectious. I saw Graham Hilditch in passing and I apologise for not getting chance to catch up but my clock was ticking so to speak.

A good chat with Barry Hilton especially about the forthcoming Ottoman Turks he is releasing and I was most pleased to find out that my Saxons sent troops to fight them - so what more excuse do I need to but Ottomans.

The games that I saw were fine nothing in my mind outstanding but some very nice ones, I have to be honest I didn't spend a lot of time in the main hall and the heat and body odor from the bring and buy ensured I beat a hasty retreat.

So because I also found the battery in my camera was on its last legs I only managed photos from two games - Barry Hilton's Napoleonic set up and a nice 10mm Bronze age naval game.

As to purchases a few metal bases from Trevor Holland and the new book on the Dutch army from Helion. But all in all still a most enjoyable day and a break from the mundane


  1. Hi Graham. Good to wiz past each other in opposite directions! I too thought the games were nothing special with a couple of exceptions (Barry Hilton, The Durham Cossack game for example).

  2. Enthusiastic and Infectious? Well I've been called many things but never that! 😁
    I'm with you guys on the displays, little really caught my eye as stand out. Some nice new products -especially the Helion stand - to see, but it was best just for catching up with some good folk.

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