Thursday, 16 August 2018

Greeks looking for a good home

The scaling back and rationalisation continues.
After much souls searching I have decided to try and sell my Ancient Greeks, the original collection was assembled to refight the first Battle of Mantinea which we displayed at the Sheffield Triples show some years ago.

As I've said before the majority of my colleagues all game ancients in 15mm and it seems quite mad just keeping these chaps for the sake of it.

There's a mix of Foundry and Vendel with a few Black Tree intermingled.
In summary there are 443 Hoplites, 29 Cavalry 64 Light infantry/Peltasts, 20 Thracians and 40 figures as commanders, vignettes etc
The majority of the hoplites are on 40mmx40mm bases the rest are based with 20mm fontage and 20mm depth per rank..
I can provide a more detailed break down should anyone be interested and am willing to deliver within reason.

Looking for £1650
which is less than £3 a figure - a bargain.


  1. They look fantastic Graham. Wish shipping to Australia was cheaper as they would be a great buy!

  2. Carlo,
    Thankyou. At the price per figure it would still be good value 🤣 I send a lot of stuff to Australia 😀. Trust you're keeping well

  3. Hi Graham,

    Would you be able to split the units up as i would be interested in some of the Foundry Greeks and Foundry Covalry plus some of the foundry vignettes.

    1. Hi,
      Going to see if I can sell as a whole first if not I will look at splitting and post on here

    2. All good brother I understand



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