Friday, 1 June 2018

Scourge from the past

At the Partizan show I met up with Phil Olley and bought two very old minifig 15mm ancient armies - Hun and late Roman.
These guys were painted in typical youthful 1970's style - gloss varnish etc.
My colleague on the day couldn't believe I'd bought them but as my Mam used to say - all they need is a bit of TLC and they will be fine.

I don't intend to strip them down and repaint as this was to be a speed paint to get them on the table, I started this week and the first 24 huns are ready to go.

Certainly no way my best paint job but these chaps will be serviceable and passable. It's been quite a pleasant interlude and certainly a blast from the past


Carlo said...

I remember taking on the Huns with my Late Romans Graham when I was still interested in competition wargaming at my club as a teenager. If memory serves we were using WRG 6th edition rules and I was very confident going in with my triple armed legionnaires! Copped a hiding from a wily and much more than experienced wargamer and learnt never to be overconfident ever again! I hope your Huns first as well mate.

Graham C said...

Thanks. I used to have a Hinchliffe Hun army for WRG 5th/6th edition something like 60 light cavalry plus a handful of heavies and light medium infantry. Certainly used to put the wind up a lot of players.
Funnily enough this little force is also 60 lights etc. So we shall see.