Tuesday, 12 June 2018

42mm Toy soldier collection for Sale

When my close friend Lee died in November 2013 I was tasked with disposing of his large wargames collection of figures and books.
The one collection that was retained by his family was his Irregular miniatures 42mm Franco- Prussian/Austro - Prussian war collection. Lee and I did many a demo game with these splendid chaps painted in a traditional style - gloss varnish and all.
Today his family decided that time moves on and have asked me to dispose of  them
I haven't counted them but in essence there are 9 box files of painted figures  - Infantry, Artillery and cavalry. A full count will take place later.
His wife has asked that I just get rid asap and therefore I'm looking at £1 an infantry figure and £2 a cavalry figure if someone takes the lot. Theres also a couple of medium sized boxes of unpainted figures thrown in for free.

By way of an example here's a couple of pics of some samples from the collection
I have now done a count up, in total there are 635 infantry 80 cavalry, 7 guns, 2 limbers, 2 wagons pack mules farm animals etc.
The armies covered are French, Prussian, Bavarian and Austrian I have a detailed break down of each. Infantry units are 18 figs and cavalry 8. The three main protagonists each have 24 cavalry and a good mix of infantry/ light infantry etc. The Bavarians have 80 infantry a general and 4 gunners.
Including the unpainted stuff looking for £950 or near offer


If any one is interested, wants more details and is willing to make an offer then get in touch.

There was also a box of 54mm Napoleonics (metal) I don't know make etc but again if anyone is interested and wants to make an offer then get in touch.
Dare I say it there were also a few boxes of unpainted figures found in the garage which I now need to wade through!!!


Simon said...

I think you need to give a price for the whole 42mm collection.

Graham C said...

You're right but I couldn't do that until I'd counted them.😀
Now done and edited in main text.

Aly Morrison said...

A lovely looking collection of toys...

I am glad you found a home for them.

All the best. Aly

Graham C said...

I was so tempted to keep them but they're going to looked after 🤣 And hopefully all the unpainted figures will be added as well.

Christopher said...

Just to confirm the collection does now have a new home?

Graham C said...

Yes everything went I’m afraid and has seen battle as well 😁