Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Rome Part 3

Well after a big push painting buildings and figures then I was ready for a first try out last night at the club.

Now the thing with this project is that everything has been painted for effect and speed - so first up the Gang fighters.

The figures by Footsore are very nice, facial features on some are quite soft and easily lost with heavy painting also a couple had bad flash lines which is unusual for Footsore.
Unlike most I haven't put cobble stones on the bases as I have plans for thee to move into the hills as rebellious slaves at some point.
Next up pictures from the game showing buildings etc. Foundry figures provided the mobs as I haven't got the new ones done yet.
The buildings by Sarrissa were easy to make and straight forward to paint I followed some videos by March Attack through a link on the Gangs of Rome facebook page. They're not finished but look ok for the moment.

The temple is one I bought some years ago. The game played well we used 95 points and as Gav, my opponent, hasn't got his stuff ready we drew gang members and equipment randomly!
We enjoyed the game it lasted just under two hours ( I won :)) and was most enjoyable. Lots of playability here.


  1. Impressive Graham, its a very good looking set up.

    1. Thanks Robbie,
      All speed painted and almost complete 😀