Saturday, 13 January 2018

Gangs of ROme

Before hunkering back down to 18th century stuff after Christmas a few from the club have pre-ordered some bits and pieces from the forthcoming Footsore miniatures game of 'Gangs of Rome'
Now I knew I had some bits and pieces in the garage for an idea based on the Simon Scarrow novel re a slave rebellion in Crete.
After a short search I found quite a few blisters so over the last two weeks I've managed to complete 52 figures!
All speed painted and there's a handful to go but should let me hit the ground running.

Next up a few buildings and then back to painting Highlanders!


  1. A change of period does one good. Interested in this so will be tuning in to see how your games go.

  2. Stuart,
    Yup I realised why I like painting ancient armies - generally very quick, and a limited palette

  3. Beautiful figures and scenery!

  4. Focus Graham. You need to focus not start another period.I saw the rule review was very good however.

  5. Robbie,
    I am sir 😀😀😀but these did come from the lead mountain

  6. Replies
    1. Allan,
      Thank you. Not as inspirational as your set up though