Tuesday 24 January 2017

Some Progress

A slight drift away from the bench.
First I've always loved playing ancients started with WRG 3rd -7th editions then a pause and then Warhammer Ancient Battles.

Still do Big Battle DBA with15's and still based my 28's to WRG standards.
I've been dabbling with To The Strongest which I like and quite a few chaps at the club play Impetus, both use large bases so I thought I would look at basing up a couple of my armies to fit in.

The Germans and Imperial Romans were really based for Warhammer Ancient Battles and so i ended up with all sorts of bases, individual, 4's, 6's and so on.
So first to volunteer are the Germans and I've spent half a day basing
 But there's still quite a few on the shelves to go

In addition I received a unit of my British Marines painted by Mark Allen as were their standards - excellent stuff so they're stuck on the bases waiting to dry for the scenics to be added.


Independentwargamesgroup said...

I think this young pup, Allen could have a future in wargaming. What do you think.

Der Alte Fritz said...

You are lucky to have a battalion painted and flagged by Mark.


Graham C said...

Possibly - needs to curb his butterfly mentality

Graham C said...

Don't I know it. Nice to have one or two units to spoil me

WimVdB said...

I'm currently making sabbot bases where I can put my 15mm DBx based troops on, without actualy rebasing.
They will be used for To the Strongest.
Units will hold between 6 figs (light horse) and 36 figs (deep pike units).
Soon on my own blog http://miniwargamers.blogspot.be/

Graham C said...

Will check your blog, was thinking of doing the same for the 15's as I've bought extra figures to make larger armies.
For the 28's didn't think it was that important hence the rebate.

marinergrim said...

And I thought I had a lot of baa-baas!

Graham C said...

Can never have enough when fighting Romans. You haven't seen the Romans yet!

Unknown said...

Very nice collection!

Graham C said...


StuartInsch said...

Single bases for ancients are the way to go. Some time ago my mate and I decided to do this and went with 100x50mm (using a heavily modified version of Neil Thomas's rules - we'd never heard of Impetus!) for imperial romans and Germans. Now we have imperial and republican Roman, Macedonian successor, Greek hoplite, Persian and Carthaginian and have just started Huns and late Romans! Plastics and single bases have a lot to answer for!!

Graham C said...

I think you could be right. First try at impetus on Monday!
Report to follow

Chris Gregg said...

The Marines look lovely , well done Graham and Mark